Laoyuesao's super effective milk soup is not greasy and fat, and the milk can't be drunk

China-News.Net - Baby September 29, 2020, 1:37 am Gong Wang

Breastfeeding mothers should be most afraid of no milk. The mother is not flustered. At the beginning, I didn't understand. When I didn't have milk, I drank all kinds of pig's hoof soup and hen's soup, and poured them into my stomach one bowl after another. The milk didn't grow well, but the weight was rubbing up.

My husband looked at the baby without ration and looked at me hard, so he went to the moon center and asked her to come back. It's also after sister-in-law came that I didn't know much nutrients in the soup I used to drink. What I drank was still fat. No wonder meat doesn't grow milk. After all, sister-in-law is professional after all. After only a few days, I had the feeling of breast swelling. Besides, I didn't gain weight by drinking the milk soup she made. On the contrary, I lost weight.

So far, milk not only meets the baby's daily needs, but also has the remaining stock in the refrigerator. I also recommend some to Jimei~

Steamed dumplings with egg

Ingredients: dumplings, wine, eggs, wolfberry

Practice: put a proper amount of sweet rice wine mixed with more water, boil, put dumplings. When the dumpling floats, add egg drop. If you like sweet, you can put more sugar. Put a little more medlar out of the pot.

Fermented egg dumplings can replenish qi and promote fluid production, promote blood circulation and disperse mass. Can help postpartum mother eliminate edema, Tongli milk.

Red dates and spare ribs soup

Ingredients: spareribs, yam, jujube

Method: wash and cut the spareribs, blanch them, then put them into the pot, add red dates, yam and appropriate amount of water, bring them to a boil over high heat, and then simmer them slowly over a low heat. Cook until the ribs are soft and rotten.

Jinyuzhi Decoction

Ingredients: peanut, jujube, jinyuzhi nutritional powder

Methods: soak the peanuts in advance and remove the core of red jujube; put the peanuts and red dates into the pot, boil them in 250ml water, turn to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes; turn off the fire and let it cool, add jinyuzhi nutritional powder, and stir evenly.

Jinyuzhi contains pea protein, which has the effect of promoting milk and increasing milk, and can effectively supplement protein. It is good for both mother and baby. It is suitable for Baoma with insufficient milk.


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