The 4-year-old boy who vowed to become "Bruce Lee" made a stir in his whole body. How about now?

China-News.Net - Baby September 29, 2020, 1:37 am Bai Sheng

Child rearing in primary school eight

Wushu is the essence of Chinese traditional culture, which has been handed down since ancient times. Although the society is bustling, people are impetuous, and various interests and specialties are springing up and developing rapidly, there are still some people who insist on the love of martial arts. There are some foreign people who have different feelings about Chinese martial arts.

In Japan, there is a martial arts family. A little boy in the family is named Kenji Longxing. Since he was born, Kenji Longxing has been living in the environment of martial arts, so he has a strong interest in martial arts since he was young.

And under the influence of his father, the one-year-old Takeshi Takeshi to practice martial arts when other children are still stumbling and playing.

For martial arts practitioners, it is undoubtedly a pleasure to watch the performances and movements of martial arts masters, because they can learn a lot from it. And Imai's father is such a person, he usually likes to play Chinese martial arts star Bruce Lee's movies on TV, he is very obsessed with Bruce Lee.

Although he is young, he often watches Bruce Lee's action movies with his father. In particular, the movie "fight for the tiger" has deeply attracted him. Therefore, from this time on, the 4-year-old Imai began to imitate Bruce Lee's path. At the same time, Imai also secretly vowed to become "Bruce Lee".

Since then, Imai has practiced martial arts more assiduously. Although the process of practicing martial arts is boring and hard, Takashi Imai has never called out bitter and tired. Under the guidance of his father, Imai is constantly exploring Bruce Lee's martial arts movements and practicing them according to Bruce Lee's routine. Moreover, Takashi Imai is very strict with his own requirements. His father admired his persistence and love for martial arts.

Therefore, Imai's father shared his daily martial arts video and photos on his social account, which attracted the attention of many netizens. And Imai ryuno also by virtue of his whole body muscles and a sensation, became a network celebrity.

Now, what happened to the little boy?

Today, he is 10 years old. Although he usually needs to go to school and do his homework like other children, he has not given up martial arts. He will continue to practice martial arts in his spare time and refine his movements over and over again.

On the way of practicing martial arts, Kenji Takeshi Takemitsu to American variety shows with his martial arts. Of course, he also came to China, the hometown of martial arts. In our country's variety show "day up", the young Imai Long Star showed the audience his one handed push-up skills and won the applause of the audience.

It has to be said that Takashi Imai has a very clear pursuit and goal in his heart. He knows his interest clearly, so from the age of 4 to now, no matter how the world changes, Imai Ryoka continues to move forward with his love for martial arts

This persistence is worthy of people's appreciation. This is also a problem that many parents are distressed by their children, because many children often choose to give up because of hard work when practicing their own interests and hobbies.

In fact, when children show great interest in the same thing, parents can guide and encourage their children. However, it should be noted that parents should not yell at their children's emotions for a while, which will only frustrate the children's interest and self-confidence.

Therefore, when children encounter setbacks in the process of practicing their specialties, parents should encourage their children more, and they can also use celebrity stories to motivate children.

When the child has made certain achievements or progress, parents must give the children applause and affirmation in time, and there can also be certain rewards, which will greatly encourage the children and let the children dare to move forward.

In addition, parents should not influence their children because of their own preferences. Don't let your child learn this today. Let your child practice that tomorrow. This constant change of children's interest points, often achieve the opposite effect, so that children's physical and mental fatigue, do not know what to choose, but also unable to maintain a lasting interest in a specialty.

In short, children's interests need parents and children to maintain and adhere to. Maybe there will be thorns and bumps on the way forward, but parents must guide their children and do not give up. Only persistence can make children's interest become specialty and become a talent of children.

Mom and Dad, what's your baby interested in? How do you guide them?


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