Child, did you see an angel when your mother put you on the ground?

China-News.Net - Baby September 29, 2020, 1:37 am Gongsun Sheng

There is a short video report: Recently, in Xunyang, Shaanxi Province, an old woman fell into an elevator with a sudden myocardial infarction. A woman in a hurry put her 6-month-old baby on the ground for emergency rescue. At 120:00, no vital signs were found. It is understood that the old man came to see his children from his hometown that day, and did not want to have an accident. The woman said she used to be a nurse in internal medicine and only wanted to save people.

The mother-in-law in the sky should also protect this kind mother and baby. Life is impermanent, but human nature makes every life have more meaning!

The video is very short, only about a minute, but let me moved for a long time. Thinking about the baby lying on the ground, there is an impulse to talk to him (her): child, when your mother put you on the ground, did you see an angel?

Yes, your mother is the angel. At the moment you put you on the ground, she turned into an angel, comforting and accompanying a dying soul. The brilliance of human nature shines on the whole world, and instantly becomes a paradise.

The old woman was lucky. She died painlessly, and God sent an angel to guard her side.

You know, kid, you're lucky, too. People say reincarnation is an art, and you are born in the arms of an angel. You are an artist. Because you are much richer than the children born with the golden key. Your mother may not give you a lot of wealth, but she can give you kindness and compassion which is more precious than all the wealth in the world; she may not give you a lot of material, but can let you have a peaceful and rich heart. With these, your life has been very happy, and only happy people, can bring happiness and happiness to others.

Grow up quickly, son. I hope you will become an angel.

Thank you for your attention


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