German restoration mummy face, found to be a black child, ancient Egyptians all like this?

China-News.Net - Science September 29, 2020, 1:38 am Zhang Shun

The portrait is white, but why is the skull restored to be black? The German archaeological team encountered such a strange thing.

There was a mummy in Munich. This mummy has a feature. It is inlaid with a portrait. The picture shows a child with a thin nose and a big forehead. It looks like a smile. It is very cute.

Archaeologists think that the mummy has been here for 100 years, so let's just restore it. After using the computer to restore the mummy, we found that the portrait of the mummy is almost the same as that of a real person, with only one difference: skin color. The child in the portrait is white, but the recovered face is black.

The mummy was made in accordance with the unique method of making mummies in ancient Greece. After the deceased was wrapped in linen, a large board was pasted on the face of the deceased, which painted the appearance of the deceased before his death.

Today, there are more than 1000 such mummies in the world, but only 100 remain on the corresponding mummies. The mummies of the other 900 portraits are unknown.

The portraits on the mummy are basically realistic, and the reason is very simple. Even if a person is vain, he will not stick his photo on his tombstone after his death, so he can't afford to lose him.

What's more, archaeologists may be able to solve the outstanding question: what color was the color of the ancient Egyptians?

The reason why it was "the old man's mummy" was "the old man's mummy". In 1912, the famous archaeologist Sir Flinders Petrie discovered the mummy in Egypt and gave it to the Bavarian royal family. Later, it became part of the National Sculpture Museum (smaek) in Munich.

The 30 inch (0.7 meter) long mummy was cleverly wrapped in crisscross linen bandages with gold-plated plaster buttons. There are portraits of him with brown hair and a mummy of about four years old. It's a male X-ray.

From the portrait, the child looks like a Caucasian Mediterranean, but when the researchers reconstructed his skull, the problem arose: the child on the computer screen was a little dark.

After integrating the CT scanning results, the computer software will reconstruct the eyes, nose, soft tissue and skin step by step. In Anthropology and archaeology, race can be distinguished by cheekbones. Finally, the computer added black skin to the child, that is, after considering all kinds of data, the computer thought he was black.

From a biometric point of view, the height of the portrait is consistent with that of the computer reconstructed head, such as the size from the forehead to the eyeliner, the distance from the lower nostril, and the proportion of the mouth opening, etc., almost all of them are identical. However, the width of the alar and the size of the bridge of the nose are not the same, because the computer turned the face into a black person and widened the nose.

Judging from the restored mummy, the ancient Egyptians do have black characteristics, but the aesthetic has been Europeanized. After all, they were ruled by the Greeks and Romans for so long that they still thought the master looked good. So even the portraits after death were imitated by European people.


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