Although hemorrhoids is not a serious disease, it makes people "restless"

China-News.Net - Science September 29, 2020, 1:38 am Song Qing

As the saying goes, "10 men 9 hemorrhoids, 10 women 10 hemorrhoids", this is obviously exaggerated, but from another perspective, hemorrhoids is indeed very common among people. Hemorrhoids is not a serious disease, but it makes people "uneasy" and seriously affects our life.

What is hemorrhoids like?

Hemorrhoids most can think of is stool with blood. In fact, this is only a manifestation of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, in which external hemorrhoids are mainly manifested as anal discomfort, unclean moisture, itching, etc. Mixed hemorrhoids are manifestations of internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

How to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids?

1. Don't sit too long and exercise more

"Don't sit too long" is easy to understand. No more explanation. " "More exercise" on the one hand refers to running to exercise the body, on the other hand, it also refers to the movement of improving the anus..

The movement of lifting the anus - tightening, raising, relaxing, tightening again, raising, relaxing.

Improving anal movement can promote the blood circulation of anal part and increase the strength of sphincter.

2. Concentrated in the bathroom

Concentrate on one thing, the time will be shorter than three heart. In other words, the time to go to the bathroom should not be too long, preferably within 5 minutes.

In addition, if you concentrate on one thing, you will come up with various methods when it is difficult to solve it. The use of external pressure on the left abdomen can help with defecation.

3. Reasonable weight loss

Food structure is reasonable, vegetables and fruits are sufficient, cellulose makes defecation relaxed, absorb enough water, prevent stool dry and so on.


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