What is the brain eating insect in the United States?

China-News.Net - Science September 29, 2020, 1:38 am Chen Da

[terrible More than ten districts in Dezhou remind residents: "don't use water"! 】The terrible "brain eating insect" and Again?

According to ABC, Texas Environmental Quality Commission issued an emergency notice saying that "brain eating insects" may be found in the water supply system of a county in the southeast of the state, and issued a warning to more than ten areas of the state, advising people to "don't use water"!

The terrible reminder comes from the 25th local time. The Texas Environmental Quality Commission issued a warning on social media the same day that "Naegleria fowleri" may have appeared in the water supply system of blazosport Water Bureau.

At first glance, this name is a little strange, but its nickname, brain eating insect, is well-known, which makes the listeners scared.

The parasite usually infects swimmers in lakes and rivers, and when caught, it runs down the nose to the brain. When it reaches the brain, it will cause primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM), and directly lead to epilepsy, headache, personality changes and confusion of thinking. What's more, once the diagnosis is confirmed, the death rate will exceed 97%

According to the above warning, the Environmental Quality Commission of Texas has also issued reminders to more than 10 areas in the state, including Lake Jackson, Freeport, Angleton, bradoria, Richwood, oistkrick, Kraut and Rosenberg, advising residents to "not use" water resources.

"After extensive dialogue with the Texas Environmental Quality Committee to ensure that there are enough disinfectant residues in brazosport water authority, it has been determined that there are no safety problems in the water supply system of the water authority," the Texas Environmental Quality Committee said in a statement on the 26th local time

But the statement added, "residents of Lake Jackson are still required to follow the do not use water recommendation until the water supply system is sufficiently cleaned and samples show that the water is safe and available." "It is not clear how long the measures will take." The Texas Environmental Quality Commission also recommended that residents within its warning range should not drink tap water or bathe in water, but flush the toilet with water.

Although the number of confirmed cases is small, the risk of "brain eating insects" is huge. According to previous data from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, since the first discovery of this "brain eating insect" in the 1960s, 145 confirmed cases have been reported in the United States, of which only four survived


Part of the above is from global daily.


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