SMIC has been "blackmailed" by us state-owned enterprises

China-News.Net - Finance October 1, 2020, 2:30 am Yang Chun

Tencent's weekly column of "hot news of the week" will take you to review the hot events of the week. Although this week only three trading days, trading light, but the capital market is still lively. The following is the top 10 on September 26 and September 30:


Foreign media: SMIC is blacklisted by the United States

Abstract: According to Reuters on the evening of September 26, the US government has imposed export restrictions on SMIC, a Chinese chip manufacturer. Reuters said the U.S. government imposed export restrictions on China's largest chipmaker because it believed that the equipment exported to SMIC had a military risk and that the risk was "unacceptable.".


SMIC is officially "blackmailed" by the United States? Here comes the question

Abstract: According to SMIC, relevant people of semiconductor equipment manufacturers have raised several questions about the relevant documents circulated on the Internet: first, SMIC's address is wrongly written, "Zhangjiang road is written as Changjiang Road", and the address is wrong; secondly, lfoundry has been sold by SMIC for a long time, which is very strange to appear in the list; thirdly, if SMIC is really punished, then the name of SMIC will be changed Danli SMIC north and SMIC Shaoxing should also be among them. Fourth, the ban issued by the US Department of Commerce generally gives a buffer period to protect the interests of American manufacturers. Rarely, it takes effect immediately, but it is not included in this document. At the same time, the document circulated on the Internet only shows that the US government is investigating SMIC, and before the investigation results come out, American enterprises need to apply for licenses before exporting related products to SMIC international and its subsidiaries, which is not to say that export to SMIC is prohibited.


Do this before the festival! Lie earn 12 days of interest, income may be twice as high as fixed deposit

Abstract: With the coming of the eight day "enhanced" golden week, it is time for investors who have reduced their positions and held large amounts of cash due to the recent market turmoil to lie down and earn a lot of interest. Before the long holiday, not only the interest bearing days of RRP have been extended correspondingly, but also the yield has been rising all the way because of the approach to the end of the quarter. For example, the annualized yield of gc001 (one-day variety) in Shanghai stock market has risen to more than 3%, more than double the one-year fixed deposit interest and exceeded some monetary funds in the same period. So, how to operate the most cost-effective? Combined with the "11" holiday arrangement this year, Tuesday (September 29) and Wednesday (September 30) are the best time to sell one-day reverse repurchase. By simply two operations, you can earn 12 days' interest in total, and do not affect stock trading at all.


State owned enterprises are killing pigs and retail investors are losing 30%! Recommended stocks said no continuous trading limit to see

Abstract: A share leek more and less cut, recently, a state-owned listed company announcement, with the killing pig plate has nothing to do with. On the evening of September 28, Zhujiang Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that the deviation value of daily closing price decline of the stock on September 24, September 25 and September 28, 2020 was more than 20%. According to the relevant provisions of Shanghai Stock Exchange, it belongs to abnormal fluctuation of stock trading. According to the company's self-examination, the company's current production and operation activities are normal, and there is no significant change in the daily operation. In addition, according to the announcement, recently, the company is concerned about the situation that some people use social media to recommend buying company stocks. According to the self inspection of the company, the controlling shareholders, actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior managers, none of the parties planned or participated in the event, nor did they inspire others to plan and participate in the event, and there was no relationship with the event.


clap of thunder! 570 million "Laundry Liquid" suddenly disappeared, 30000 shareholders sleepless! Netizen: did you elope with scallops?

Abstract: A shares see strange things again! The scallops of Zhangzi Island ran away before, and now 500 million washing powder suddenly disappeared! This happened in Guangzhou Langqi, which was just released on Sunday night. Guangzhou Langqi: 572 million yuan of inventory has disappeared. Guangzhou Langqi announced on the evening of September 27 that the company signed a contract with Hongshen company to store the goods in the Ruili warehouse of Hongshen company. The company signed a contract with Huifeng company to store the goods in Huifeng warehouse of Huifeng company. But Huifeng denied that there were goods stored in the company. The company has set up an independent inventory inspection team, including external lawyers. The team went to Hongshen company and Huifeng company to investigate the relevant situation on September 23 and 24. As of the announcement date, the book value of the goods stored by the company and its subsidiaries in Ruili warehouse and Huifeng warehouse totaled 572 million yuan.


Make a lot of 116000! Gem new stock aimike too hot, stock prices into the top 10 A shares


Cash the prize! Three new shares have won the lottery number

Abstract: On the evening of September 27, three new shares were issued, including 31680 in shuaifeng electric appliances, 19100 in honglida and 43729 in zhongyandi. The detailed winning lot numbers are as follows: honglida (688330) disclosed the results of online winning lots on the evening of September 27. There are 19100 winning numbers, and each winning number can only subscribe for 500 shares of honglida a A shares. Zhongyan Dadi (003001) disclosed the results of winning lots online on the evening of September 27. There were 43729 winning numbers, and each winning number could only subscribe for 500 a shares of Beijing Zhongyan Dadi Technology Co., Ltd. Shuaifeng electric (605336) disclosed the results of online winning lots on the evening of September 27. There were 31680 winning numbers, and each winning number could only subscribe for 1000 A shares of shuaifeng electric appliances.


130000 investors step on thunder! Kangde's new 10 billion cases of fraud or forced delisting

Abstract: Recently, on the eve of the double festival, on the evening of September 28, the * ST Kangde, whose trading was suspended for more than a year, was finally announced, subject to administrative punishment, and the stock may be forced to delist. At present, the probability of compulsory delisting is very high. *St Conde's latest closing price was 3.52 yuan, with a total market value of 12.5 billion yuan. If it is forced to withdraw from the market, if there are 30 down limits in the delisting consolidation period, it will drop to 0.15 yuan, and the market value will be only 531 million yuan. In qianshantui, which was just delisted in September, there were 29 consecutive down limits in the consolidation period, from 3.81 yuan to 0.19 yuan. On the last trading day, the market value fell to less than 70 million yuan, which was extremely tragic. According to the latest data, * ST Conde still has 133100 shareholders. *Today, Kangyu has been forced to withdraw from the market, but Kangma may not have been forced to withdraw from the market.


A picture to understand | National Day holiday global stock market trading arrangements to come! A shares will be closed for 8 days

Abstract: According to the notice of the general office of the State Council on the arrangement of some holidays in 2020, the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival will be off from October 1 to 8, a total of eight days. Go to work on September 27 (Sunday) and October 10 (Saturday). A shares will be closed from 1 to 8 October and Hong Kong shares will be closed from 1 to 4 October.


War breaks out in West Asia! The two countries declared a state of war and the international community called for an immediate cease-fire

Abstract: War is on the verge of war! According to CCTV news, on September 27 local time, the Armenian government announced that the whole country had entered a state of war and carried out national mobilization. On the same day, the Armenian prime minister said on social media that the Armenian government had entered a state of war since the 27th and called on all military personnel to return to their posts. According to China and Russian satellite reports, the Azerbaijani parliament has decided to enter a state of war in several regions and cities of the country. Geographically, both countries belong to West Asia. Earlier on the 27th, there was another armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenian in Nagorno Karabakh. According to the Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan, Armenian artillery fired at settlements in the Naka area and caused casualties. The Armenian Ministry of defense denied this and accused Azerbaijan of launching air and missile attacks on the Naka area, and claimed to have shot down two helicopters and three UAVs of the Afghan army. The Ministry of defense of Azerbaijan confirmed that its air force helicopter was shot down, but no crew members were injured. On the evening of 27, the Armenian Ministry of Defense announced that 16 soldiers were killed and nearly 100 injured in the conflict.

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