If you come to Chongqing to eat hot pot, you can have 8 dishes with certain points. The taste is crisp and delicious, even the local people recognize it

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Chongqing hotpot, also known as Maodu hotpot or spicy hotpot, is one of the traditional Chinese delicacies. It is very popular in Chengdu, Chongqing and other places. Although both of them are the overlords of hot pot, there is still a small gap between them. Chengdu hotpot is heavy in oil, hot, hemp and salty. It can completely cover up the fishy smell of some visceral food materials, while Chongqing hotpot is mostly in the form of Jiugongge For Chongqing people, how many times are hot pot dishes? As a person from the past, I'd like to popularize it with you today.

Chongqing hot pot, most of the ingredients are animal viscera organs, vegetables, meat is very few, generally order some water dishes, that is, intestines, stomach, brain, liver and so on, do not order any mutton slices, which will change the flavor of the whole pot, which is contrary to the North's hobby, do not like little fat sheep and so on. The essence of hot pot is the base material, so the dish of hot pot is Jin Shang Tian Flower, remember that water is the key.

beef omasum

In Sichuan Chongqing hot pot, Maodu plays an important role. With duck intestine and yellow throat, it is also called "three treasures of hot pot". A large piece of tripe is put into the soup pot and only needs to be rinsed for 20 seconds. Then, it is dipped in garlic paste, sesame oil and juice. When you eat it, you will feel no pressure. You can chew it crunchy. It tastes very good. In fact, it is the rump of cattle. It is the best to eat it in spicy pot.

Duck sausage

Duck intestines are indispensable ingredients for Sichuan Chongqing hot pot. The fresher the better, clean it and rinse it immediately. It's crispy and tender, and tastes delicious. You must eat as much as you want. It's like a tripe. If you pour it all in at once, it's easy to get old and affect the final taste.

Yellow throat

Although it carries the word "throat", it has nothing to do with the throat. It is the artery leading to the heart and is often mistaken for the trachea. It is high in protein and has higher nutrition than other viscera. The only drawback is that it is difficult to deal with. It takes a lot of effort. Pig throat and cow throat are common in the market. Of course, the latter is more popular because of its good taste and nutrition, but the price is high It's a little expensive.

Sauted Beef with Hot Pepper

Spicy beef and hot pot is a perfect match. At first glance, I think it's all chili noodles. In fact, there is heaven and earth underneath. Chopsticks lightly pick sea pepper noodles, and the beef is gorgeous. The beef covered with chili noodles and other seasonings is about 0.5cm thick. It is boiled for about 2 minutes and stained with oil and spicy dishes. It is a paradise for spicy people.

Fresh duck blood

Although duck blood is delicious, it is a technical job to rinse duck blood. This kind of duck blood does not have any additives. It should slowly slide into the pot and do not turn it over. When it floats automatically, it will turn reddish brown, and then it can be eaten when it expands slightly. Don't wait for it to be cooked.

Cerebral flower

Pig brain flower is the essence of a pig. In Chongqing, even children dare to eat it. Although it looks terrible, it tastes really good. Of course, you must ask other people's opinions, or you will be "shot" with eyes.


In fact, the meat in the hot pot is not only tender, but also delicious.

Waist film

In addition to tripe, duck intestines and yellow throat, the waist piece has become another outlet. People who love it need not say much. They hold the waist piece with chopsticks, rinse it in the pot, and gulp for about 10 seconds in the boiling hot pot. After that, they take it out and wrap it with a full amount of chili noodles and put it into the mouth. It's really exhilarating.

The above eight ingredients must be ordered when eating Chongqing hotpot, which will show you different delicacies. According to the order, even the local people eat like this.

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