WOW! I want to eat the winter peach here!

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"Peach" you like is my love

Crispy, sweet and refreshing is your dish

It's officially the double festival holiday

The long-awaited winter peach has finally ushered in the picking season

The second Beishan peach picking Festival

It's officially opened today


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Peach picking in Beishan peach garden!

Last year, our winter peaches were warmly sought after by our friends. It can be said that the supply exceeds the demand. This year, we have not let you down.

Now most of the peaches are out of the market, but the growth cycle of winter peach is as long as half a year or so, and there is enough time to grow and accumulate sugar. Therefore, winter peach has pear like moisture, as crisp as apple, and has peach flavor. Every mouthful is full of sweet honey of autumn.

The peach has a long shelf life. Beishan Taoyuan owner Xu Huadong told Xiaoli that because of more rain this year, the yield is relatively reduced, you should eat it as soon as possible~~

Winter peach in Beishan Taoyuan

Less publicity of the taste of dust

More sweet beauty of boudoir

One bite will surprise you

This tourist from Changzhou came here early in the holiday. She told Xiao Li that she could stay away from the peak of traffic and relax here. On the other hand, she wanted to taste the winter peach which she didn't eat last year. After that, she tasted the delicious fruit directly.

Besides picking winter peach

You can also taste the natural ecological Taoyuan delicious

Peach blossom chicken, steamed bream with soy sauce beans, Caoshan dried vegetables, etc

Taoism is very delicious

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