[dry goods] it's all here that we should go to Sichuan on national day

China-News.Net - China Travel October 1, 2020, 2:32 am Ding Desun

"If you are young, you will not enter Sichuan; if you are old, you will not leave Sichuan."


48000 square kilometers of land

Too much magic and romance

From the elevation of 600 meters in Chengdu Plain

The altitude of Xuegong mountain is 7556 meters

From warm to cold, from vast forest sea to plateau meadow

There are mountains and rivers

It's a place where countless landscapes are possible

55 ethnic groups are gathered here

More and more people are attracted to settle here

Countless kinds of wisdom and imagination

In this magical land to play incisively and vividly

Ziyang people who arrived more than 35000 years ago

This is where they started their smart lives

Every generation of Sichuan people after that

The land of history is full of pride

A solid foundation for life

Rivers and lakes can be called "sea"

Spicy and delicious Sichuan hotpot

Originated from the folk, sublimation and temples

There are too many romantic places to go after dinner

Autumn in Sichuan

It is the splendor of the forest

"There's everything you can imagine

And everything beyond your imagination. "

This is Daocheng Yading

Under the blue sky

Goose yellow broad yak meadow

Primeval forest yellow by autumn frost

Snow capped mountains towering into the sky

Flowing mountain spring


Maybe you know Nian Bao Yu Ze

Never heard of it

Lotus leaf

It is the most low-key secret place in Western Sichuan

There are blue sky, pure clouds

The boundless green wave flower sea, the gorgeous plateau lake

Approach it

It's like stepping into the gate of heaven

Autumn of Xinduqiao

Also ushered in its most brilliant season

The sun shines sideways on the earth

The mountains are the warm gold

Magic light, boundless grassland

Winding streams, golden poplars, rolling mountains

Tibetan villages scattered among them, cattle and sheep grazing peacefully


The plain scenery in Western Sichuan is blooming beautifully

Dangling in autumn

It's definitely a rare place to travel

There's not so much noise

As if the whole world is their own

Snow mountain, Haizi, hot spring, Tibetan Village

Under the background of autumn leaves all over the mountains

Beauty becomes a picture

Winter in Sichuan

It's the purity of snow

Sada in winter

Although there is no verdant color in summer

But more holy

When the white snow meets the red world

When a piece of snow falls quietly

Over mountains, houses, roads and prayer flags

People can't help but whisper

For fear of disturbing the peace

It seldom snows in winter in Chengdu

If you are lucky to meet a snow

You can't miss it

Delicious experience of eating hot pot in snowy days

Make a date with three or five friends

Have an authentic Chengdu hot pot

Look at the snowflakes outside the window

That feeling is called happiness

Don't go to Sichuan when you are young

And because

There are many beautiful landscapes here

Ancient villages and towns, history and culture, and delicious food


"Ditch" in Sichuan

Jiuzhaigou and Hailuogou

It's a sign of Sichuan

But the ditch in Sichuan is much more than that

There are seeds here

Only belong to the thick and gorgeous autumn

It's called Majiagou

Here's one

The world-class beauty nearest to Chengdu

It's called bipenggou

Here's one

Ten miles of colorful forest across the ditch in the sunny day

It's called milk ditch

"Mountains" in Sichuan

There are many famous mountains in Sichuan

Emei Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain, Gongga snow mountain and Siguniang mountain

Everyone is famous

But the mountains in Sichuan are much more than that

Here's one

China's largest and most beautiful viewing platform

It's called niubeishan

Here's a piece

The red world of Meifan

It's called Guangwu mountain

There are seats here

The mountain often appears as the background plate of Tagong temple

It's called Yala snow mountain

There are seats here

A mountain shaped like Noah's Ark

It's called Dawa mountain

Sichuan's "history and humanity"

On heavy history

Sichuan youseta Wuming Buddhist College

Leshan Giant Buddha, Wuhou Temple, Sanxingdui

But the cultural heritage of Sichuan is much more than that

There are seats here

A city of faith comparable to the Buddhist state of Seda

It's called Yaqing temple

Here's a piece

Mysterious oriental Castle

It's called Taoping Qiang village

Here's one

The country of thousands of blockhouses

It's called Zhonglu Tibetan village

Sichuan, an irresistible existence


The land of abundance

Jiaozi, the earliest paper money used in the world

Shu embroidery, face changing, Sanxingdui bronzes


There is a kind of art in Sichuan

It's called face changing

In Sichuan, there is a national treasure

It's called giant panda

In Sichuan, there is a sport

It's called mahjong

In Sichuan, there is a kind of slow life

Call for a cup of tea

There's so much food here that you can't stop

Hot pot, string string, pot chicken

Jiangyou sausage, Langzhong beef noodles, Jianyang mutton soup


Never go to Sichuan when you are young

Because of your life

Will be intoxicated with her charm

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