Great! British 13-year-old twins develop games to pay off their parents' debts, and millions of fans earn a lot of money

China-News.Net - Baby November 16, 2020, 5:39 pm Li Kui

According to the daily mail on November 16, a pair of young twins in Britain are very inspirational, turning their interest into a career, which not only makes them successful, but also helps their parents relieve the debt crisis.

The twins, named Ben and Matthew, started making money at the age of 13 and used the money from video games to pay off their parents' mortgage debt.

With little success in their career, they dropped out of school together at the age of 16 and started a business. At present, their annual income has exceeded 100000 pounds.

Although the children of the poor are early masters of the family, such stories are often full of bitterness, and the happy thing is that the twins have found a career they really love and are full of inspiration.

The twins started making money at the age of 13, making an online game that costs five pounds each time a player wants to unlock more features in the game.

After they had a taste of the game, they started more businesses. The two brothers had different directions. Matthew learned to make more and more game video trailers, while Ben improved his programming skills.

Their huge success quickly closed the door, and they won the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

It is understood that they have helped their parents, city hall staff father mark and mother Caroline, to repay the mortgage debt of their family home in Norfolk.

Matthew told the Sunday Mirror: we did it because we were interested and we were really lucky.


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