A 51 year old American woman gave birth to a baby girl who became a granddaughter as soon as she was born

China-News.Net - Baby November 16, 2020, 5:39 pm Mu Chun

It is often said that mother is the greatest woman in the world. A few days ago, this sentence was also confirmed by an American woman, Julie Lowen.

Julie did something extraordinary for her daughter in the past year.

My daughter and husband worked hard for four years and still had no children

On November 2, Julie and her daughter, Brianna Lockwood, have a baby girl.

Looking at the lovely angel in her arms, they all showed a happy smile.

Not only is this girl hard-earned, but also because she came into this world in a different way. It was Julie who had been pregnant for months before she was born. But, strictly speaking, her mother was Brianna.

It can be imagined that there must be a story behind this.

Brenna, 29, is married. Her husband, Alan, is one year younger than her. They live in Chicago, Illinois.

As early as four years ago, Brianna and Allen tried every means to have children. During the process, Brianna had two pregnancies, one of which was twins. At the time, Brianna and Allen were very happy. However, unfortunately, due to physical reasons, in the end, Brianna failed to save her child.

After failure, joy turned to sorrow, and Brianna and Allen felt very disappointed. Originally, they thought they would never have a chance to have their own children. However, Brianna's mother, Julie, gave them hope again.

My mother has participated in 19 marathons and many triathlons

Julie, 51, has a child in addition to Brianna. In those days, Julie was very easy to conceive of them. And now, despite her age, Julie is still in good health.

Julie loves sports and has participated in 19 marathons and triathlons many times.

In the past, seeing her daughter go through a painful process in order to have children, Julie was heartbroken. So she came up with a solution to help them have children.

However, despite Julie's good intentions, it is difficult for ordinary people to accept the idea of her mother giving birth to her children. It can be imagined that Brianna was strongly opposed at the beginning. She thought that mom's idea was crazy.

However, Julie did not give up the idea. Finally, her daughter insisted.

So Anna, and Ellen, put the idea into action.

Of course, for the 51 year old Julie, the process must have suffered a lot.

Fortunately, everything went well.

Two weeks ago, in the eagerness of expectation, Julie, Brianna and Allen finally ushered in a new life together - Julie's granddaughter, but also the daughter of Brianna and Allen.

Julie, Brianna and Aaron named this lovely girl blair Juliet Lockwood.

Recalling, in order to make herself a mother, mother Julie's selfless dedication and hardship, Brianna was deeply moved.

Brianna said her mother, Julie, had brought her a whole new life. When she held her daughter Blair in her arms, her heart was full of excitement.

Now, seeing her daughter, Brianna remembers her mother's devotion to her. Mother's selflessness and kindness will guide her to bring up her daughter.

For Julie, she can't wait to be a good grandmother and accompany her granddaughter into adulthood.

With his mother and father's blood flowing in his body and his grandmother's stomach, Blair has gone through a special process since he was born.

In the future, I hope she will grow up healthy and happy, live up to the hard work of her parents and grandmother, and know how to love and care for others. However, I believe that in such a loving family, Blair will certainly grow up to be a kind and sincere person.



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