These many pregnant women like to eat food, but will cause fetal poisoning, pregnancy to eat less

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For pregnant women, the most concerned about is the baby in the stomach. Out of the instinct of maternal love, if you know that some things to eat after the fetus is not good, even if the pregnant woman's mouth is no longer slander will not eat. A lot of things look very nutritious and delicious to eat, but they can cause fetal poisoning, which is harmful to the development of the fetus.

Most pregnant women will eat more fruit to supplement vitamins, but not what fruit pregnant women can eat, such as durian is not suitable for pregnant women to eat. Although durian is of high nutritional value and delicious to eat, durian contains a lot of calories. If you eat it too much, it will lead to increased blood glucose of pregnant women, causing constipation, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus. So, for the sake of fetal health, you can eat it or not.

In addition to durian, other things can also cause fetal poisoning, it is best not to eat

One is spicy hot. Many people like to eat spicy hot, because it is very appetizing, can let the appetite of their own eat very good. However, Malatang is not healthy. Many businesses will add a lot of seasoning in order to taste good. These easy things will hurt the body of pregnant women, cause fetal heat and affect development, so they can't eat them.

The second is barbecue. A lot of people like to eat barbecue, because it's fragrant. But the barbecue kind of thing basically does not have the nutrition, ate much easy to get on fire. If pregnant women do not control it will also affect the fetus, with the pregnant women with the fire.

Fetal poison is not conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus, some things will cause fetal poisoning, but there are some things can go to fetal poison, usually can eat some appropriately, let the baby more healthy.

One is goose eggs. Goose egg nutrition delicious, heard that can go to fetal poison, pregnant women can eat some appropriately;

The second is to soak honeysuckle in water. If you don't think honeysuckle is a little bitter, you can drink some appropriately, as long as you don't drink too much, there is no problem.

Pregnancy is a very hard process, need to stop in many places. However, in order to give birth to a healthy and lovely baby, all the efforts are worth it. Pregnant women have a lot of food to eat, but there is also a lot of food to eat. Such as nuts, fish and so on, these foods are delicious and healthy, very suitable for pregnant women to eat.

In terms of fruit, pregnant women can choose the following fruits, nutritious and delicious

1、 Apple. Apple can make the color of the fetus whiter, but also can effectively alleviate the constipation symptoms of pregnant women, so that the fetal skin is better.

2、 Strawberry. Strawberry acid, can stimulate appetite. Strawberries can promote appetite and enrich nutrition for children.

3、 Grapes. It is said that many grapes are beneficial to the development of the fetus.

4、 Cherry. Cherry is rich in nutrition, can supplement rich iron, but also can make the baby more intelligent. Although cherries are very expensive, they can also be eaten properly for the sake of children.

There are many fruits which contain rich nutrients, as long as pregnant women like to eat, you can choose some of their favorite to eat. It not only satisfies the taste buds, but also is conducive to the healthy growth of baby.

Pregnancy, in addition to diet to pay attention to, there are several aspects to pay more attention to

First, pregnant women should adjust their own emotions. The fetus is in the stomach, the mother's emotions can be felt by the fetus. Many pregnant women are more irritable when they are pregnant, and the babies born at this time will be more irritable, easy to cry and not easy to take, so pregnant women should pay attention to adjust their emotions and keep themselves in a good state of mind.

Second, we should ensure good work and rest habits. Pregnant women to ensure adequate sleep, do not often stay up late, so that the status of the baby inside the stomach will be better. If a pregnant woman's daily work and rest are always reversed day and night, the child is likely to be the same as the mother, often not sleeping at night, so that the child will be very difficult to take.

In short, pregnant women need to make some changes for the health of their fetus. Maybe the days before were very free and comfortable, and the day of pregnancy was very difficult, but when you see the baby's birth, you will feel that everything is worth it.


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