The success of IVF transplantation is not luck but method!

China-News.Net - Baby November 16, 2020, 5:39 pm Ling Zhen

IVF is a time-consuming and labor-consuming project, which has saved countless infertile and elderly families who lost their only child. Now many same-sex, single also began to join the test tube for children.

Before the test tube transplantation, it can be said that the whole family went to battle together. All kinds of successful experiences and methods to improve the success rate have been applied. In fact, the mentality of a successful pregnancy is very important. Here are some tips and experiences of a successful IVT.


A successful test tube experience sharing

There are many factors that affect the success rate of IVF. During this period, two couples need to be careful at every step, because it is very important to learn from others' successful transplantation cases.


Pregnant environment improvement

Most of the women who succeeded in IVT once would suggest that they should exercise three months in advance before entering the week. During this period, they should pay attention to diet, drink fresh soybean milk every day, and add more protein. Meanwhile, weak women can see Chinese medicine to see if they need to drink some Chinese medicine to regulate their body and improve the breeding environment.


Preparation before transplantation

If you want to succeed, of course, you can't do without the preparation before the test tube transplantation. Before the formal week, both husband and wife will carry out a detailed examination, and then according to the female's physical condition, the plan to promote the excretion is particularly important. After all, it is related to whether more high-quality eggs can be obtained. It is suggested that during the promotion of ovulation, do not exercise a lot and eat more food with high protein.


Keep a stable attitude in the process of egg collection

Then, don't be too nervous when taking eggs. You may feel uncomfortable, but you can bear it. After taking the eggs, remember to drink more water, eat some high protein food such as milk, shrimp, etc., which can prevent ascites.

Rest properly

Then the doctor will arrange the time for embryo transfer. Of course, it is certain to hold urine before transplantation. If you get out of bed soon after transplantation, you can stay in bed for a while, but you must not stay in bed all the time;

Post transplant considerations

During the period of embryo transfer, you should pay attention to some matters, such as lying down all day long and not too sensitive to work. If you don't have to go back to work, you should not be too nervous to take a rest.


In short, during the whole IVF process:

First, we must listen to doctors;

Second, relax;

Third, my husband must work with you to complete this mission;

Fourth, after transplantation and after pregnancy should be normal life, so that the baby can meet you faster.

Some sisters are lucky to be successful for the first time, while others can't do it for several times. They don't have to worry. Finding out the reason can improve the probability of success. In short, in order to be a test tube baby, we should not only have financial preparation, but also psychological preparation. We spend a lot of time in the tangle. On the one hand, we are worried about the success rate, and on the other hand, we are worried about spending money without results, but we really want to have a child. This kind of contradictory heart day after day, but to children's heart more and more strong, in fact, more need courage and a determination!


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