What's the difference between toilet paper and napkin? Can you wipe your mouth? Many people have been trapped for a lifetime

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Every family has tissue, but did you choose the right one?

There's so much difference between tissue paper and toilet paper,

If you use it wrong, you will be in trouble!

How about a small tissue,

I know it all this time. I don't regret it!

Different tissues, different uses

In our daily life, we often use tissue paper, toilet paper, wet tissue paper, kitchen paper and so on. Each kind of paper has different uses and cannot replace each other.


Facial paper

Facial tissue paper and napkin are specially used to clean the face. They are soft and close to the skin and have the highest hygienic requirements. They are safer to wipe the mouth and face.

In addition, facial tissue paper after soaking has good toughness, not easy to break, when wiping sweat, paper scraps are not easy to remain on the face.

toilet paper:

Toilet paper

Toilet paper has moderate softness, which is mainly used when going to the toilet.

The qualified toilet paper will not cause harm to the human body. Although the sanitary standard is not as high as that of the tissue paper, the quantity is more and cheaper.

Note: some friends pay special attention to using tissue paper instead of toilet paper, which is also wrong. Tissue paper toughness is too good, used to replace toilet paper, easy to plug the toilet, cleaning up time-consuming and laborious, so they had better not replace each other!


Special paper for sterilization

Wet tissue paper contains certain bactericidal ingredients. When it is inconvenient to wash hands outside, it can be effectively cleaned and sterilized with wipes.

Note: it is better not to wipe the face with wet tissue paper. The facial skin is relatively fragile, and its bactericidal ingredients are easy to cause pruritus, redness and swelling.

Kitchen paper:

Cleaning paper

Kitchen paper has good water absorption and oil absorption. The paper is larger and thicker. It is suitable for cleaning kitchen utensils, glass windows, mirrors and tables. It is worthy of the name of a small expert in cleaning.

In addition to household cleaning, kitchen paper can also clean food. Before cooking, it can absorb moisture and grease on the surface of food materials to make the food fresh and clean.

How to choose tissue

Not the right choice

Tissue is one of the most commonly used daily necessities. When you buy it, you should choose a variety that meets your needs and try to choose a reliable brand.

The price of the same kind of paper towel is generally not different. Don't be greedy for small and cheap. Buy some paper that looks super cheap. If you use it, you will lose a lot.

For example, two kinds of tissue paper with the same package, one is on sale and the other is on the original price. Which one do you prefer? I believe that most people will choose discount products. Take two bags of tissue carefully contrast, in the corner of the packaging bag may find the answer: the quality level of one packet of tissue is qualified, the other is first-class.

Note: in fact, facial tissue paper is divided into three grades: first-class, first-class and qualified products. Their softness, water absorption and toughness are different. Excellent products are the best, first-class products are the second, and qualified products are the worst.

Second, look at the product details at the bottom of the package

There are product details at the bottom of tissue packaging, and attention should be paid to the size and raw materials of the products. Xiaozhun brand is a regular product issued by the health administrative department at or above the provincial level, and the raw material of the product is raw wood pulp.

Three touch: feel

Good napkins feel soft and delicate, gently rub a rub will not lose hair, powder. Don't buy loose, powdered tissue, no matter how cheap it is.

Even more than toughness, holding a piece of original wood pulp paper towel, slightly pull, the paper towel will be pulled wrinkles appear, but will not fracture. And bad paper towel due to low wood pulp content, poor flexibility, a little force will appear fracture phenomenon.

Four smell: smell

Buy paper to smell, if there is a chemical smell, indicating that the bleaching agent content is high, it is best not to buy. When choosing facial tissue paper, try not to buy fragrance, so as not to wipe the mouth when the flavor residue on the lips, a careless eat into the stomach.

It's safer to use paper

A variety of paper is always available at home

Many people buy a lot of paper towels at the supermarket discount, put them at home, use them when they go to the toilet to clean their faces, which is very unscientific. The functions of various kinds of paper are better not to replace each other, and the paper that has been put for a long time is not clean.

Toilet paper, tissue paper used more, can be appropriate to buy more, kitchen paper and wipes used is not much, 1-2 months to buy enough.

Within 1 month

Paper hygiene must pay attention to, buy as far as possible do not buy bulk tissue, after opening the paper towel had better be used up within 1 month. Toilet paper and tissue paper should be placed in the tissue box to reduce contact with the air, to prevent moisture breeding bacteria.

Wipes can't replace hand washing

You need to wash your hands after using wipes. The liquid content of wet tissue paper is generally 80%, and the main components are water and fungicide. In order to make the disinfectant effectively dissolve in water for a long time, some chemicals will be added to the paper. Although these chemicals will not cause serious skin effects, they will remain in the hands. Therefore, the best way to disinfect is to wash hands with soap and rinse with running water.

Bring your own tissue when you go out

When dining out, it is suggested to use the self provided paper towel to be more comfortable.

Some roadside restaurants use toilet rolls instead of napkins. Although the two kinds of paper towels are made of raw wood pulp and have gone through strict disinfection procedures, the disinfection standards of the two are completely different, and mixing them will affect health.

Note: let's talk with data: the total number of bacterial colonies allowed on each gram of toilet paper is 500, while that of each gram of tissue paper is 200. If you often wipe your mouth with toilet roll, the bacteria on the paper may spread through respiratory tract, blood and digestive tract, causing people to suffer from enteritis, dysentery and other diseases.


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