Why do people suddenly feel familiar with a certain scene?

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I believe you must have had this kind of experience. When you are talking to someone in a certain place, you suddenly feel that the current scene has happened in a certain period of time in the past, and you have a strange sense of familiarity.

But after the event, no matter how much I think about it, I can't recall when I experienced it, which makes people feel a kind of space-time disorder.

Why do we suddenly feel familiar with a scene? In the past, many friends have reflected with me and even consulted me, saying whether this is caused by functional problems in some parts of the human body.

Or does this situation belong to what people call "supernatural phenomenon" and is it some kind of induction and inspiration ability of future things?

In fact, otherwise, we do not have to presume. This phenomenon can be explained by science. Next, I will give you a good science popularization. After reading, I believe you will understand.


"Deja vu" means "sense of seeing"

The former sense of deja vu, also known as "the sense of being familiar with a person", is also referred to as "the sense of being familiar with a scene".

In the past, some researchers have made questionnaires. Scientific research shows that more than 90% of the people on earth have experienced the experience of "deja vu", of which adults account for the vast majority.

Scientists have also found that different groups encounter this phenomenon with different frequency and experience. For example, people who have long-term contact with external things are more likely to feel "deja vu" than those who have long-term closed self and do not contact with the outside world.

People with enough imagination and higher education have more sense of seeing than ordinary people.

So why does the phenomenon of "deja vu" appear? The analysis is also given.

Psychologists generally believe that "deja vu" is actually a kind of subconscious conflict. The basic reason for the appearance of "deja vu" is that people will form a certain sense of familiarity with external things after receiving a lot of external information.

The mind stores and generates memories, some of which are real and some are fictional.

When people come into contact with the same or similar scenes and things with memory in the future, the brain will take the initiative to judge them as the things they have experienced. No matter whether the parties have actually encountered them, they will also give people a feeling of "deja vu".

In other words, the people and things we have experienced will be preserved in the brain. Things with deep memory may be recalled at any time, but some things will be forgotten for some reasons, which becomes "implicit memory".

As for implicit memory, we can't recall the details, but as long as we meet specific people, things and things, we can all stimulate our subconscious familiarity with things and scenes, thus producing a sense of deja vu.

This is the reason why psychology calls "both sight" and "deja vu".


"Deja vu" is a physiological phenomenon

Robert evron, an American medical scientist, once put forward a view that the reason why people have "deja vu" perception is probably due to the brain processing information error.

As we all know, the human brain has the function of sorting and distinguishing external information. Even because the human brain is extremely complex, it is just like a factory, and each different part is responsible for processing different information.

For example, frontal lobe is responsible for future memory, temporal lobe is responsible for past memory, limbic system is responsible for current memory, hippocampus region is responsible for short-term memory, parahippocampal gyrus system is related to long-term memory.

Generally speaking, under normal circumstances, the brain processes memory very regularly. However, sometimes short memory disorder may occur, resulting in memory loss, or memory confusion.

It's like we have an unknown area of the brain called a memory cache in medicine. Usually, it will put the things and scenes that people are in contact with in this cache.

But when people have a sense of seeing, our brain will store the current memory in the historical memory, which makes people mistake the current events as the past events.

Therefore, this is a very common physiological phenomenon.


"Deja vu" or from the presentation of dreams

Dream is not illusory, it is more like a parallel world similar to reality. In reality, many people will dream many dreams after they fall asleep, and the content of dreams varies from person to person, true or false.

In the dream, some people will dream a lot of unreal and strange things, while others will meet the real scenes and things in reality.

This kind of situation comes from our contact with external things during the day and the subconscious memory storage. The so-called "thinking every day and dreaming at night" is the truth.

And when we wake up from a dream, some of the contents of the dream will still be fresh, and some will become vague and fragmented, which will not let us recall the specific details.

However, once we are familiar with the dream, we can not find the source of the dream.

Although this statement is a bit of a fantasy, but the dream and reality of the statement has not been fully answered, believe or not, it is a matter of opinion.

However, there is still no general explanation for her experience.

In fact, there are many mysteries in the world, waiting for us to explore and seek knowledge, but one day, people will use the power of science to uncover its final mask. I believe that by then, all unknown secrets will be revealed to the world.

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