If you want to lose weight successfully, you have to starve. This idea has to be changed

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Losing weight has become a challenge for modern people. No matter men, women, young and old, people who are not satisfied with their own figure pay close attention to this topic. Obesity, the happiness side effect after the problem of food and clothing is solved, makes people try and refresh their cognition on the road of losing weight.

I don't know when to start, "if you want to lose weight successfully, there's no one who doesn't starve" has almost become a national consensus. "People who don't eat at noon and lose weight are not qualified to eat dinner; strictly abstaining from sugar and snacks is the first step to lose weight" and so on. But is it true that the more hungry you are, the faster you burn calories? Can hunger really make weight loss a success?


Go hungry to lose weight


In fact, a lot of "hunger" is not related to "human consumption". People will feel hungry, which is a protective response of the body, telling you to eat something to replenish energy. At this time, if not replenished in time, the machine will first consume the glycogen stored in the body to maintain the blood glucose level; when the glycogen is exhausted and does not eat, hypoglycemic reactions, such as dizziness, will occur. Only when a person is hungry for a long time, the body will use the fat stored in the body. However, if you don't eat in this situation, a large amount of fat will be used in a short time ketoacidosis Risk.

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Completely refuse sweets


Once many weight loss people decide to start the cause of weight loss, the first thing they do is to decide to stay away from sweets, which are generally believed to be too high in calories. However, most of the results of doing so are to give up halfway within a few days, especially those who usually like sweets. Do you think you can't eat any sweets if you want to lose weight?

In fact, whether you can eat it or not depends on the energy contained in the sweet food itself and the intake of the sweet food. Regular intake of a large number of high-energy sweets, really easy to make people fat. But if a certain kind of sweet food itself is a low-energy food, its sweetness is not due to the addition of sugar, but through sweeteners such as xylitol, aspartame and other sugar substitutes to achieve, such sweets will not be too high in calories, and will not make people fat.

Although the energy intake of sweet food is very little, or if it is not enough for a person to get fat, it is not necessary to take more than one day of energy intake. Because a bite of cake will be full of guilt, leading to a bad mood, and even broken cans, give up the previous insistence, the gain is not worth the loss. The way to lose weight is not a day or two days can be completed, this is a protracted war, if you come up to make yourself very bitter, it is not easy to adhere to it.


Do you have to stop eating snacks?

not always

Many people think that the reason why they are fat is because they love snacks too much. If they want to lose weight, they have to give up snacks. Indeed, many snacks in order to create a sweet taste, will add a lot of seasoning and oil, not only high heat, not good for the body. However, if you kill all the snacks at one stroke and remove them from your own menu completely, the difficulty of implementation will make many people give up halfway because they can't do it in a short time.

It depends on the amount of energy you eat and the amount of snacks you consume. There is no need to give up snacks in the following situations:

one The total energy intake per day is fixed, and snacks are only part of it, not an additional amount. For example: halve the amount of rice at noon and add a few nuts as afternoon tea to ensure that the daily intake of total calories does not increase or even decrease, which will not affect the weight loss effect.

two After occasionally eating extra snacks, increase the amount of exercise to consume it. For example, reward yourself with two mouthfuls of dark chocolate after an hour's riding. That's what you deserve.

three Replace the high energy density snacks with low energy density foods. Switch to dried blueberries and seaweed instead of French fries and fried chicken, which can satisfy the appetite of the stomach, but reduce the intake of calories.

Of course, if you can't do the above, it's better to give up snacks in order to lose weight, but you should give up gradually, not all at once. The meat on your body is not eaten in a day, and you can't hope to reduce it in a short time.

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Refuse staple diet diet?

Not recommended

In addition to sweets and snacks, staple food is also standing on the opposite side of weight loss success. Many popular weight loss menus on the Internet exclude staple foods. However, is this really right?

Studies have found that simple diet control, especially not eating staple food, can also reduce weight, but in addition to fat tissue reduction, muscle tissue will also be lost, metabolic rate may also be reduced, so that the body's stored fat consumption will be correspondingly reduced, resulting in slow or no weight loss.

At this time, if you want to make the weight does not rebound or further reduce the weight, you need to eat lower energy food, and the nutrients in the extremely low energy diet often can not meet the needs of the body, let alone lose weight, it is harmful to health.


Eating balance

The key to healthy weight loss

The ultimate goal of weight loss is to make the body in a healthy state, so no matter which method to take, we can not lose the theme of "health". At the same time, we should also fully consider their own physical and psychological endurance in the process of losing weight. Any kind of extreme, contrary to the premise of physical health weight loss, are not recommended to try.

On the basis of moderate control of diet and reduction of energy intake, exercise is very important. Exercise can improve the metabolism of the body, consume the body's excess fat, and can strengthen muscles, prevent the loss of muscle tissue, so as to improve the efficiency of fat consumption through diet control, and also can effectively prevent the negative effects caused by excessive control of diet. So, Eat dynamic balance, maintain a healthy weight, is the essence of weight loss!

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