Biden or China will pay a high price

China-News.Net - Military November 16, 2020, 5:44 pm Ding Desun

So far, though, trump has not conceded defeat and tried to reverse it by recounting votes. However, many American media believe that Trump's goal cannot be achieved, and Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. So where will the relationship between China and the United States develop after Biden enters the White House?

Or "quick sanctions" on China

On how to deal with Sino US relations, Biden said in an interview with the media that he would not rule out the possibility of "quick sanctions" against China. Biden told the US foreign affairs magazine that although China and the United States have prospects for cooperation in global climate change and nuclear non-proliferation. However, the United States will not let China dominate the future technological development. In the future, the United States will continue to adopt a strong and hard policy towards China.

In this regard, some analysts pointed out that after Biden's accession to the White House, Sino US relations may tend to ease and will not be as fierce as in the trump era. However, in some key areas, Biden will not relax its vigilance and containment against China, and will continue to take measures to prevent China from upgrading its technology and break the global monopoly position of the United States.

So even if Biden comes to power, Chinese enterprises like Huawei and ZTE still need to face greater pressure. In addition, since Biden pays more attention to bilateral relations with its allies, the United States will continue to call on allies to curb China's development in military, diplomatic and other aspects in the future.

Will the United States pay a high price?

Grosse, a European scholar, believes that from the current situation, it is impossible for the United States to stop China's development, and China's rise is a matter of course. What the Biden administration should do is not how to contain China, which will make the United States pay a high price. Now, the United States must accept the reality of China's rise.

In addition to Huawei, China also has many high-tech enterprises and millions of engineers, which is a great talent advantage, Mr. gross said. Next, China will make further efforts in the high-tech field, which is bound to give birth to more high-tech enterprises and advanced technologies. No matter whether the United States contains China or not, China will break the blockade in more fields and advance to a more favorable position.

What's more, the domestic situation in the United States is not optimistic at this stage. In addition to the internal strife between the two parties, there are also such problems as racial discrimination and epidemic situation. Under such circumstances, does the Biden administration really have the energy to spare its hands to curb China's development? So instead of thinking about how to contain China, Biden should think about how to accept China's rise and cooperate with China, which may be a brighter path.


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