China's last national defense student

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Three swordsmen's inscriptions / Datang

There is no bird's shadow left in the sky, although it once flew here

Some time ago, he chatted with Yan Zhuo, who chose to be a distributary in graduation. As the first batch of people who ate crabs, he was reviewing his postgraduate entrance examination.

Although he has taken off his military uniform, I know that he still has a dream to join the army.

Yan Chu is good at learning, but he is not suitable for leading soldiers. The grenade he throws can be rotated once and hit the kettle beside him.

I once joked: Yan research orders soldiers, less less good.

However, his academic ability has won him the title of "academician" recognized by the whole profession. Yan is proficient in computer application and has solid professional knowledge. He has self-taught relevant courses in his university. He told me that his plan was to take an examination of the civilian posts in the army after finishing the postgraduate study and put on the military uniform again.

I'm very glad that we can achieve the same goal by different routes, because the army may lack a "eight year platoon leader" who has never met his talent, but has more professional and excellent technical backbone!

"Curve serving the country" Yan research may be only an exception, most of the national defense students who choose to shunt may never go back to their original choice. A senior official who has been admitted to the civil service has sent a message: "if there is a war, you will be called back!" but watching him show his increasingly fat body in the photos, I doubt the reliability of this promise.

The implementation of the diversion policy in 2018 is like a huge stone sinking into a pond for the last two national defense students in China, arousing a thousand waves. Especially for national defense students in famous universities, there are many people who sign the diversion agreement. However, each has his own will. We don't evaluate right and wrong. But those who stick to their original ideals in the spring tide deserve more support and praise.

During the "+ 1" training period, I met xiaotongjie from a 211 university in the East. Her seven-year study life in Jinling City not only earned her master's degree, but also cultivated Shu Hua's generous temperament. Before she graduated, she was contacted by well-known enterprises and said that she could provide suitable posts and favorable treatment. Her tutors and parents also put forward suggestions for local development. But she finally chose the army, and the garrison was only in a four line town in the north, which was quite different from the prosperity of Suzhou and Shanghai. Referring to the final decision, Xiaotong said lightly: "although I am confident that I can find a better job, I still feel that it is more meaningful for me to stay in the army."

Lu Yi, from the same school as xiaotongjie, resisted the entrance examination for national defense students, but she became the only female national defense student in the province at that time. She studied excellently and won numerous awards during her college years. However, due to the limitation of the major in military academies, she only wanted to read this major, so she could only get the quota for local research.

But eventually, the southern girl who became a national defense student with dissatisfaction chose to continue to wear military uniform. Even after graduation, she could only go to grass-roots units and bid farewell to her beloved major for the time being. In the face of others' confusion, she just said four words:

Contract spirit!

In July 1999, the "four headquarters" jointly issued by the Ministry of education, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of personnel and the Military Commission Notice on carrying out pilot work of selecting and training military cadres in ordinary colleges and universities.

In the same year, Fudan University signed an agreement with the armed police force to recruit national defense students.

The fate of 100000 young people has changed since then!

After Fudan University, in just a few years, the number of contracted universities has increased from the first batch of 22 to 117. Besides the majority of "985" and "211", there are also two top universities in Tsinghua and Beijing.

In 2009, national defense students made their first appearance in the grand military parade, accepting the inspection of the motherland and the people. Seven years ago, Qinghai Satellite TV also low-key broadcast a TV drama "national defense students", which is the first and only film and television work that comprehensively shows the actual life of overseas health prevention.

That year, as a freshman in senior high school, I learned about the group of national defense students for the first time, which affected my whole life path.

Looking back now, objectively speaking, the national defense student system is a bold attempt made by the relevant departments after referring to the personnel training mode of other countries' troops. At that time, it was quite advanced and forward-looking. Some even predicted that national defense students would become the main source of future officers in China.

However, no one thought that, in just 18 years, the vigorous system of national defense students had come to an end and disappeared in the long history of new China's military development. I have always firmly believed that the abolition of the national defense student system is more due to the needs of military reform and is a macro adjustment made for the overall situation.

Nowadays, the training and selection methods of military cadres are also more diversified. In particular, civilian recruitment and outstanding college student soldier training, compared with the training of national defense students, can not only more directly select outstanding talents from local colleges and universities, but also reduce the corresponding investment expenditure of the army and reduce the burden of military expenditure.

At the same time, the system of national defense students is also continuing in another form - direct recruitment of non commissioned officers. Its training mode is actually similar to that of national defense students, which is called "mini version of national defense students".

There are more than 40 colleges and universities recruiting non commissioned officers in the country, providing nearly 1000 professional backbone for the army every year!

After joining the national defense network, the junior college student who joined the national defense network did not become an effective volunteer.

At present, the attractiveness of the preferential treatment policy for college students with increasingly rich conditions is becoming more and more obvious. Some people once attributed this choice to policy, but in fact, it has nothing to do with the policy itself. It is just a consideration made by individuals in the face of complex interests.

Xiao Bing, a 16 grade national defense student from a 985 coastal University, chose to join the army when he was a junior. According to the preferential treatment policy of his locality, he will receive a large amount of demobilization fee after he retires from the army, and he will enjoy the additional items such as settling down and taking the postgraduate entrance examination. Of course, he was also practical and effective in the army. His writing and photography skills made him a little famous "pen pole" in the unit. The two-year military career will soon be over, but the chief officers at all levels have repeatedly talked to him and urged him to stay in the army

I am also one of China's last national defense students, and represent the most common majority of people. He has an instinctive sense of panic in the face of the coming military career. Although we have been used to the prejudice of some people against this collective, the uncertainty of the future still shakes the confidence of devoting oneself to national defense. We have no idea what the troops should look like and what they will look like in the future. I remember when I graduated, the director once said: "you will have at least half a year's adaptation period after you arrive at the unit. You must learn to be patient, and only by accumulating and accumulating can you make a great success."

In terms of my family and country feelings, I have a clear conscience

In the college entrance examination, he gave up medical colleges in the province and went to 211 university, the westernmost part of China. After graduation, he joined more than 70 students this year and became one of the 100000 troops stationed in Xinjiang. I was very happy to learn that my deputy minister of Defense Science and technology had made an outstanding contribution to the first National University of Defense Science and technology.

Of course, in the graduate schools of major military academies, national defense students are not rare. They will become top-notch talents in the army in the future and contribute more to the cause of national defense.

When he was near the postgraduate entrance examination, he was a little nervous. He was afraid that he would lose. One night, he even regretted that he had made a hasty decision to split the stream;

Most of them, including sister Tong, Lu Yi and I, will complete half a year's professional skills training in the military academy. After that, they will return to their own units and officially start their military career. Since then, the last national defense students are scattered in the ends of the earth, and it is difficult to get together;

Xiaobing firmly refused the unit's proposal to stay in the team. It is said that both the instructor and the company commander are angry, but Xiaobing also has difficulties. He has a plan to stabilize graduate students of a 985 University and can settle down in Shanghai directly;

Wu Ge, although his personal ability is outstanding, but the complex professional courses also make him headache. Born in liberal arts, he is at a loss in the face of profound and difficult science knowledge;

We, He is the last national defense student in China.

Now I have said goodbye to the national defense students

In the face of the times and the tide of military reform, we are just a drop in the ocean.

When I was about to graduate, when I asked my friend who had graduated from the Military Academy for advice on his working experience, he answered me like this:

The future is ours and yours!

Today, I just want to use this article to pay tribute to the last national defense students and those who once had this special identity

Even if the sky did not leave a trace of wings, but we really fly!

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