10-7! Sun Xingjie played crazy and beat Ronaldinho in the air. The Premier League official website praised it and set three records

China-News.Net - Sports November 16, 2020, 5:46 pm Kong Liang

Sun's performance in the Premier League this season has been impressive. With his excellent performance, Spurs have become the most popular in the Premier League. On November 16, Beijing time, the Premier League official website wrote an article praising sun's excellent performance, especially sun's high efficiency. In the case of 11 straight shots, he actually scored 8 goals, which was amazing. In terms of the league goals this season, sun's goals are actually more than Ronaldo's 6!

Sun xingxuan won 66% of the vote in the Premier League's best player of October, which made him worthy of being elected. However, he did perform astonishingly in October, scoring six goals efficiently in three appearances in the Premier League. It is closely related to the team leader's excellent performance in England's Xingao's attack, which is closely related to sun's back attack. Because in the game, sun often can get enough space, so in the case of one-on-one, sun can maximize his speed advantage, when he inserts from the left, it is often difficult for the guard to defend.

According to the official website of the Premier League, sun has won 30 passes from Kane in this season, of which 24 are vertical passes. From this data, we can see that sun has benefited a lot from Kane's withdrawal. This season, sun Xingfu can score one goal every 80.3 minutes, second only to VALDI, who can score one goal every 70 minutes, but five of the latter's eight goals are penalty kicks.

According to the official website of the Premier League, sun's efficiency is really very high, because he has 8 goals against the background of 11 shots, and the conversion rate has reached 57.1%.

In the Premier League this season, sun has also completed three major records. First, he scored eight goals in the first eight rounds, which is his personal best data. Secondly, sun has scored three goals in three parts, namely, header, right foot and left foot, which is very comprehensive. Among them, he has scored one goal with his head, three with his left foot and four with his right foot. Thirdly, sun scored eight goals in the first eight rounds, which is the best record of Asian players in the history of the Premier League.

This season, sun made 10 goals (8 goals and 2 assists) in the Premier League, while Ronaldo made 7 goals (6 goals and 1 assist) in Serie A. the number of goals made by the two is only 10-7. It seems that sun's performance is indeed excellent, even surpassing Ronaldo by one head!


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