Over the past 20 years, England's five major disappointments have been fought, but how about the top price

China-News.Net - Sports November 16, 2020, 5:46 pm Mu Chun

Belgium lost 2-0 in the early morning of today's game. In this group match, England's biggest opponent in the group is Belgium, and also defeated them in the first leg. But even in the best of times, they were disappointing.

According to statistics, England is currently the most expensive national team in Europe, reaching more than 1.4 billion, 400 million more than that of France, the second place. I have to say that the price of John and Kane in England is not too high. In the past 20 years, in fact, England is not short of expensive stars, but it has been difficult to get good results, especially in the next five games, which is very disappointing.

2006 World Cup, England 1-3 Portugal (penalty)

In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, England was the most orderly team in the past 20 years. Forward Rooney and Owen's golden boy combination, midfield Shuangde + Xiaobei's peak midfield, and Terry, Rio and other big names in the back field. There should be no objection to saying that this year's England is the best star in the past 20 years.

But even for such a strong team on the surface of England, the group stage is still looking forward to. In the last eight against Portugal, England eventually dragged the game into a penalty shoot out with one less player. However, in the face of Ricardo, even the double Germany were finally defeated.

2010 World Cup, England 1-4 Germany

Germany World Cup, England is not willing to lose, after all, their apparent strength is better than their opponents. There is no reason for England to lose in the 2010 World Cup. In this competition, both Germany and Germany are over 30 years old, and the group competition is only one win and two draws, barely passing through.

Facing the powerful Germany at that time, Lampard's goal was really wronged. But apart from that, England have little resistance and it's no surprise to lose.

2014 World Cup, elimination in group stage

In the world cup in South Africa, England can still rely on the remaining strength of Germany and Germany to advance with the limited strength of opponents in the group stage. But by the 14th World Cup in Brazil, they fell into the death group. Group match with Uruguay, Italy in the same group, the original fans did not like the three lions out.

But unexpectedly, in addition to two World Cup champion opponents, Costa Rica has become a dark horse. England drew at the bottom of the world cup and was eliminated to the bottom of the world cup.

Euro 2016, England 1-2 Iceland

Three consecutive World Cup unwilling, in fact, this time England has been seeking reform. At this time, Hodgson, the main force of England, has achieved certain results.

But just as the three lions were ready to rise again, they were hit hard by Iceland, the dark horse in the European Cup. England lost 2-1 to the first European Cup. After the game, manager Hodgson announced his resignation and was responsible for the loss.

Euro 2008, England 2-3, Croatia

If we want to choose the worst and most humiliating defeat of the English in the past 20 years, the 2-3 defeat of Croatia in the last round of the European preliminary in 2008 is doomed to be a war that will be recorded in history. England play Croatia at home with a draw. At this time, England is in a state of turbulence, especially in the back of a number of players have a variety of problems.

But in any case, the paper strength of England was far better than that of Croatia, which was not well-known at that time. However, it was in such a good time and place that England lost the game and couldn't even compete in the European Cup next year.

The main reason why England is called the European Chinese team is that they have had too much fighting in the past 20 years. But looking around, England has the strength, but did not play, on the contrary, the national football team, perhaps there is no strength to play.


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