Analysis: did Manchester United regret it? How do you compare Jose Antonio and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

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In the interval of international match day, the red devils can get a short rest. Previously, in the Premier League, United's state of ups and downs, the mentality of players also need to be adjusted. At present, Manchester United have won 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the Premier League after seven rounds, which is really hard for fans and management to be satisfied with. After all, the Red Devils have invested in the team every season and spent a lot of money to attract them. At present, only such achievements are really ugly.

Do United regret firing Jose Antonio?

It should be said that the dismissal of Jose Antonio has made Manchester United suffer a lot. At that time, the French player bogba, who was opposite to Jose Antonio, had become the "cancer" of the club. As long as he is on the court, the chances of the Red Devils winning are much smaller. Bogba has been in a difficult period of his career after the departure of Jose Antonio. He often sleepwalks on the field. Many times in the game, bogba stuck the ball in the middle of the field, leading to the team losing the ball and then being hit back and losing the ball. This is the fatal weakness of bogba on the field. This is bogba, who was in the dressing room and preached that he should be dismissed. This is the bogba who drove him away. Do you want to see if he still plays now? What's the kick like?

This season, bogba played seven times, started four times, scored 0 goals and 0 assists. In the chicken ribs Cup match, bogba started once in three games and contributed two assists with 0 goal. This is the performance of the midfield player who joined Manchester United with 105 million yuan. This is the bogba who has been in trouble with Jose Antonio. It was not only the 6-1 point defeat of the United team, but also a 6-1 defeat in the match between Manchester United and Borneo.

Is there such an unbearable situation for Manchester United during the period of Jose Antonio?

The 57 year old began coaching Manchester United in May 2016 and finished teaching in December 2018 for two and a half years.

However, after winning the UEFA Cup in the 2016 season, Manchester United won the first place in the UEFA Cup and won the first place in the UEFA Cup And the community shield.

In the 2017-2018 season, after one season's adjustment of Jose Antonio, Manchester United made the introduction and tactical changes of the style of Jose. This season, United won the second place in the league, which was the best record of the Premier League that the Red Devils got after Ferguson left United, and won the League second Championship.

In the 2018-2019 season, United's performance has been poor. In the context of bogba's not playing well, he took a walk all over the field and did not participate in the defense, which eventually led to the team's laxity and the dismissal of Jose Antonio.

So let's see, after Solskjaer in charge, has United's performance improved?

Solskjaer took over in the middle of the league. In 2018-2019, Manchester United won the sixth place in the league and qualified for the Europa League. In the 2019-2020 season, Manchester United and Chelsea are tied for third place in the league. Since 2020, Manchester United are 14th in the Premier League. Jose Antonio has been in charge of Manchester United for two and a half years, and Solskjaer has been basically in charge for two and a half years.

In the same two years, mussini led the team to win several Championships, while Solskjaer did not win anything. Not only that, the results continued to decline.

From the perspective of recruitment, under the guidance of Solskjaer, the strength of United's recruitment has not decreased but increased. It should be said that the team has basically changed the starting lineup. In 2020, Bruno Fernandez was introduced in the winter window with 55 million euro, Bruno Fernandez with 55 million euro in winter window in 2020, and the attacking midfield vanderbeck with another 39 million yuan, Defender tres with 15 million yuan and forward Pepe with 8.5 million yuan Riestri, and then signed for Cavani for free. Under the background of Solskjaer, the team spent nearly 280 million euro to adjust the lineup, but what about the good results?

What Manchester United wrote at the back

Judging from the simplest measure of coaching performance, Solskjaer's coaching performance is not qualified. Compared with that of Jose Mourinho, Solskjaer can save the fire, but he can't lead Manchester United to the championship, even a domestic cup champion. Today's bogba has basically become a big loophole in the team's midfield, and he has also become one of the weaknesses that offensive players like to break through. It's impossible for Jose Antonio to return to Manchester United. Whether Solskjaer can lead the team into the top four this season deserves our attention, or whether sothequer can coach until the end of this season is also a matter of suspense.

The Red Devils have paid no less to sack the world's top manager and trust the muddled midfield players. Can Manchester United return to the top?


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