Argentina star Retired! Do you remember his words and deeds in the world cup? What a tough guy

China-News.Net - Sports November 16, 2020, 5:46 pm Yang Chun

In the early morning of Beijing time, Argentine star Javier Mascherano attended a press conference. He announced at the press conference: "from today on, I will retire. I would like to thank the university students of La Plata for giving me the opportunity to end my career in Argentina."

The Chinese fans are very familiar with mago. From Barcelona to Huaxia, mago's career has declined significantly. Although he has made many contributions to the happiness of China. For example, in the 29th minute of the fourth round of the Chinese Super League in 2018, in front of the Chinese restricted area, Zhao Yuhao dropped to the ground and tackled the ball, which was cleverly passed by Hulk. Brother Ma resolutely tackled the ball and passed it to Zhao Yuhao cleanly.

Of course, Marco's most brilliant moment was the 2014 World Cup. At that time, the golden generation of Messi, Marco, di Malia and Higuain were at the peak of their career. Argentina won three games and three victories in the group stage, and defeated Switzerland and Belgium respectively in the knockout stage. It was the first time since 1990 that Argentina entered the top four of the world cup and finally won the second place.

In that world cup, before Argentina and Belgium competed for the top four, Mascherano changed his old reticence and took the initiative to gather his teammates together and said aloud, "this quarter final was played 24 years ago, isn't it?" After the horse brother unexpectedly burst out the rude words: "eat excrement, I have eaten enough! I don't want to eat any more! " The ferocious words of pony made many balls, including Messi, shed tears. Sure enough, Argentina defeated Belgium 1-0 and scored the winning goal by Higuain!

Another key game for Argentina in that world cup was the semi-final against Holland. In the first half, Mascherano and vinaldum scrambled for a header and hit a piece, and then fell dizzy. After the team doctor's simple treatment, MAG continued to play. In the 91st minute near the end, Robben broke through to the edge of the restricted area and Mascherano lunged to intercept Robben's shot.

In the end, Argentina won the penalty kick and advanced to the final. "I have torn my anus, that's why I look so miserable and I don't want to go out," Marco told an Italian journalist after the game "If Robben scored that goal, they would have hugged him and celebrated," he said with pride. But he didn't go in and I tried to block the shot

After so many years, the fans are still very excited when they think of the two iron words and deeds of brother Mascherano in 2014 World Cup. Yes, as long as the Argentinian stars including Messi can continue the iron and blood spirit of Marco, it will not be a distant thing for the Azzurri to win the Americas Cup and the world cup again!


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