Mascherano announced that he would cooperate with happiness to open a football school

China-News.Net - Sports November 16, 2020, 5:46 pm Zhang Heng

Early this morning, Mascherano announced that he would end his career and officially retire. For the happy fans, the legend of football has joined Hebei Huaxia happiness. If you think back on Mascherano's experience in the team in the past two years, does he still have the feeling that his dream came into reality. After many years of service with Liverpool and Barcelona, we put on the happy robe and fight for Hebei.

In Liverpool, he showed his rock solid defense; in Barcelona, he built a solid defense; and in Argentina, he was the leader there. When Mascherano, known as "Pony Ma Ge", announced to join Hebei Huaxia, people expect "Pony Ma Ge" to inject his symbolic iron spirit into this team, in addition to the happiness of superstar halo.

Mascherano did not disappoint Hebei fans, especially in the 2019 season, when Ravitch was absent for a long time, "Pony Ma Ge" led Hebei Huaxia in a happy and resolute way with key steals and roars after successful defense.

With the end of the 2019 season, Mascherano's happy life has come to an end. Two years of time, let Hebei fans in his departure full of reluctant. In this land, thank you from Argentina for your dedication to this team. La Plata university student is the last stop of Mascherano's career, and he officially announced his retirement early this morning.

The final chapter of a journey means the beginning of a journey. Mascherano will devote himself to youth training after his retirement. Marco Mascherano has opened "Javier Mascherano football school" in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. After leaving Hebei Huaxia happiness, Mascherano has always maintained close contact with the club, both sides have maintained good exchanges in many fields, especially in youth training. He will host the football school and Hebei Huaxia happy football club in the future have more in-depth cooperation, hoping that more happy young players can have the opportunity to enter the "little horse brother" football school for further study.

I wish Mascherano a happy life after retirement. I also hope that "brother Mascherano" can cultivate more excellent football talents. We will always remember the figure who runs on the field wearing the No. 14 Happy robe. I wish everything goes well in the future!


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