Wang Wei boasted, and Li Bai was not an opponent. His two poems made the Tang people heroic

China-News.Net - Culture November 16, 2020, 5:48 pm Jiang Jing

The poet is always romantic, and inevitably exaggerates; the poet is brilliant, and inevitably a bit arrogant. Because of these characteristics, poetry, like wine, brings strong sensory stimulation. The reason why Li Bai is adored and appreciated is that his poems are heroic, magnificent, magical and even arrogant.

For example, when he was young, he did not have a word with Li Yong, a famous calligrapher and governor of Yuzhou, so he could leave with his sleeve and leave the style of "the ROC rises with the wind one day and soars to ninety thousand li". Another example is that he was called up by Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, and said to his wife who was once full of complaints: "if we go out with a laugh, we are not Penghao people.". Even on his deathbed, he was still ambitious, comparing himself to Kunpeng and Confucius.

These poems with distinct personality shout out the words that the pedant dare not say, which makes people feel more frank. However, if the arrogance and heroism of a poem in a single round, xiaojue thinks that Wang Wei's works are better. This is from the old general line:

When he was a teenager, he won the horse riding on foot. Shoot the white tiger in the mountain and count the yellow beard under Ye! He used to be a million division with one sword. Han soldiers are as fast as Thunderbolt, and galloping galloping and fearing tribulus. Wei Qing is invincible by luck, and Li Guang has no merit. Since the abandonment, it has been decayed, and the world has been wasted into a white head. In the past, the flying arrow had no complete sight. Today, the hanging poplar has left elbow. Roadside when selling old Hou melon, in front of the door to learn Mr. Liu. The vast ancient trees are connected with poor lanes, and the cold mountains are empty. Vow to Shule out of Feiquan, not like Yingchuan empty make wine. Helan Mountain under the formation such as clouds, Yu Xi cross Chi heard day and night. The festival made Sanhe enlist young people, and the imperial edict issued five generals. Try to brush the iron clothes like snow, and talk about moving stars with a sword. I would like to be shot by Yangong. I would like to make Yue Jia Ming my king. Don't be afraid of the old guard in the clouds, you can still win meritorious service in the first battle.

In this poem, Wang Wei vividly depicts an old general who has been fighting for his country all his life. He joined the army when he was young. He had great martial arts and killed countless enemies. However, he had no chance to reward him. He only ended up working and selling. However, once the war broke out in the border areas, he joined the army without hesitation and tried his best for the country again. Through the enthusiasm of this veteran, we can see the broad mind of the Tang people and the national feelings of being public and forgetting personal affairs.

It is in this poem that Wang Wei exaggerates to use a sentence of "three thousand li in one body, once a million division with one sword" in this poem, which has become the finishing touch and a long unforgettable crazy poem. If it is Li Bai's boast to say that "kill one person in ten steps, never leave a line for a thousand miles", or perhaps it is the outburst of pride in drunkenness, then Wang Wei's sentence is far from comparable to Li's poem in his frankness and pride.

"One body to fight for three thousand li, one sword once became a million division" used exaggeration and line drawing techniques, with a calm and calm tone of voice, the way to the frontier hero worship. As long as it is for the sake of the country, the hero can fight thousands of miles to defend the enemy at the door of the country. As long as for the sake of home, the hero can stand up for the sword, one man should be in charge, ten thousand people should not be allowed to open up, and they should give up their lives and forget their own lives!

Our impression of Wang Wei is that weak scholar who never really went to the battlefield. He is the kind old man who believes in Buddhism and likes purity in his old age. What's more, he doesn't renew his string or take concubines after his wife's death. His poems are mainly idyllic, with deep feelings and introverted feelings. This poem is his impression after he was ordered to leave the frontier. It's not because of wine, nor is it a pose. He must have seen the tall figures of the frontier officers and men before he could feel it.

The old generals in the poems are not the special ones, but the collective images of Qunying in the Tang Dynasty. The rave in the poem does not mean that the generals of the Tang Dynasty were omnipotent. On the contrary, they are also ordinary people who will be injured, shed blood and even die. But it is these heroes who are not afraid of death that can ensure the brilliance of the prosperous Tang Dynasty and protect the most gorgeous sky. Only then can people at that time say with pride: "I am the people of the Tang Dynasty!"


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