World famous tower "Yellow Crane Tower" eternal masterpiece!

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The Yellow Crane Tower is located on the top of the Snake Mountain in Wuchang on the South Bank of the Yangtze River in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is one of the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River.

Then it gradually evolved into a tourist attraction of "you will be there" and "banquet will be so".

Scholars of all ages have been climbing the Yellow Crane Tower for a long view, leaving many famous works.

Come and enjoy the familiar articles——


Yellow Crane Tower

Cui Hao

In the past, people have gone by yellow crane, and there is no room for Yellow Crane Tower.

Once the yellow crane is gone, it will never return.

Qingchuan calendar Hanyang trees, lush grass parrot island.

Where is the village at dusk? Yanbo River makes people sad.

Cui Hao's "Yellow Crane Tower" can be described as the title of the Yellow Crane Tower No.1 Yan Yu commented in Canglang Shihua that "the Yellow Crane Tower" by Cui Hao should be the first among the seven character poems of Tang Dynasty

Even the great poet Li Bai imitated the poem and wrote parrot island and climbing the Phoenix Terrace in Jinling.

The Yellow Crane Tower can become a famous piece of praise for thousands of years, but also lies in its own connotation and details.

The poet Cui Hao ascended the Yellow Crane Tower and looked far away. What he thought was that the immortals of the past had already climbed on the crane, leaving only the empty yellow crane tower. The only thing he could see was the white clouds in the sky Time is no longer, the world is boundless The feeling of regret and loneliness.

When it comes to dusk, the sight of the misty misty river is empty, which makes people more sad.


The Yellow Crane Tower sends Meng Haoran to Guangling

Li Bai

Old friends to the West Yellow Crane Tower, fireworks in March to Yangzhou.

The only way to see the Yangtze River is to see the sky.

Seeing off friends is the eternal theme of ancient poems, most of which are filled with the sadness of parting. But this poem is different, it is full of Poetic parting

Li Bai saw Meng Haoran off at the Yellow Crane Tower. The place his friend was about to go was Yangzhou, which had been prosperous since ancient times. March was the time of misty and colorful flowers in Yangzhou city. Therefore, the poet paid great attention to his friend's visit Be envious of

When the lonely sails of friends are drifting away, the poet is full of them Feeling of farewell Seeing you off in silence, I send my love to the river, hoping to accompany my friends.


Listen to the flute on the Yellow Crane Tower with Mr. Smith

Li Bai

First, he left for Changsha, but he could not see his home in Chang'an.

Yellow Crane Tower in the Jade Flute, Jiangcheng may plum blossom.

The same place, the same departure, but this time the hero is Li Bai himself.

Li Bai replaced himself by Jia Yi's misfortune in the Western Han Dynasty. He became a guest and exiled to Yelang Anger and sorrow Although I am still worried about the emperor.

Through the Yellow Crane Tower, I heard a piece of "plum blossom falling". The flute was melodious and sobbing, which made the poet seem to see the scene of plum blossom flying in Jiangcheng The meaning of desolation Between words and sentences.


Lu Shiyu and Cui Pingshi For a banquet at the Yellow Crane Tower

After the banquet

Bai Juyi

Huanghe ancient tower by the river, laozhihua banquet for me to visit.

Chu Si Miao cloud water-cooled, business sound clear, orchestral autumn.

White flower waves splash Toutuo temple, red leaf forest cage parrot island.

I have never been there in my life.

The poet passed through the Yellow Crane Tower, and his friends set a delicate banquet for him.

On the high-rise, looking at the vast river east, looking at Chang'an, this Remote The body is like a floating cloud, and the sad sound of the orchestra seems to be telling the memory of Chang'an.

Drunk can also enjoy thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, can wake up, how to dispel Full of sorrow and resentment What about it?


Only China can understand the romance, there is material evidence

When grandma Liu first entered Rongguo mansion, why did Wang Xifeng ask Jia Rong to find her at night?

Fu Zhitong, a well-known scholar of literature and history in Hunan Province and former vice chairman of Shaoyang CPPCC, passed away

Wang Wei boasted, and Li Bai was not an opponent. His two poems made the Tang people heroic

In the 1980s, Hong Kong woman writer Sherry made a stir. Her real identity was two picky men