Why Messi was furious: after 15 hours of long-distance flight, he was interrogated for 1 hour, and the lattice became the fuse again

China-News - Sports November 19, 2020, 5:45 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

"I'm tired of always being a problem for everyone in the club," said Messi, who walked out of the airport after returning to Barcelona. So why did the Barcelona captain break out? Is it because glitzmann always aims at himself? Or are there other reasons?


Messi's outburst surprised even journalists for the simple reason that less than 24 hours ago, Messi said "I feel good" after winning over Peru. However, after leaving the airport, a reporter's question made him burst out in an instant, "what do you think of Uncle glitzmann's view?"

"The latter was the manager of the king and Lionel Messi twice before the game, and he was the manager of the country twice before November Although the Argentinian has never responded before, it is obviously discontented with him, and the reporter's question became the fuse of Messi's outbreak.


However, this is not the real cause of Messi's outbreak. Insiders revealed that before leaving the airport, Messi was cross examined by Treasury staff for more than half an hour. After a long journey of 15 hours, as soon as Messi's flight landed, five staff members of the Spanish finance department boarded the plane. They asked all passengers on the plane to produce documents, even the pilot. It took nearly an hour to complete the procedure.


"I've been flying back here for 15 hours, and it's crazy to find that people from the tax department are waiting for me," Macy said After 15 hours of long-distance travel, the tax authorities' investigation, the media's long gun and short gun, and the reporter's inappropriate problem, all kinds of reasons let Messi explode under heavy pressure.

According to the world sports daily, Messi has not talked about the club publicly since September 4, but his remarks prove that although batomeu and the board of directors have resigned, he is still very unhappy in Barcelona.


To Messi's great relief, when he was driving home, many fans surrounded the car and told him, "Leo, you are the best!"


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