Real Madrid's midfield is in trouble again! Want to be captain of Germany, fans: do you deserve it?

China-News - Sports November 19, 2020, 5:45 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

Beijing time, November 19 news: after the German team experienced a 0:6 tragedy, the current atmosphere of the team is also very tense. The relationship between some stars is also beginning to become more subtle. According to the news published by football players on Thursday, German midfield cross has also been exposed to controversial news. According to the media, cross hopes to replace Neuer as Germany's national team captain.

The news also caused great controversy once it was exposed. Many German fans said that cross's performance against Spain was too bad. Do you mean you don't count yourself? I want to be a captain. " "In cross's state, why should he replace Noel as captain?" What the fans say can also reflect the reality today. The German Spiegel weekly asked after the game: "did Tony Ross play today?"

In fact, after taking over the armband of the German national team captain for 16 years, Neuer's performance is actually very stable. And in the 6-0 loss to Spain, Neuer was also the only team considered qualified by the media after the game. Although he lost six goals, Germany would have lost more than six without Noel. Most media believe that Tony Roth has not played the corresponding performance to prove that he is worthy of the German captain. In recent important competitions of the national team, Tony Roth's performance is not satisfactory.

And there are also German media statistics, Tony rose in the 18 years of the world cup, Germany lost 75% of the ball is directly related to him. I have to admire the German for the data is still very strict, incredibly this can be investigated. However, there are also media support for cross, after all, cross has played 101 games for the German national team, and his number of appearances is higher than noyle's 96 times. In fact, cross has always been a hot topic recently, because he and obamayan also had a conversation on social media.

And many fans also said that cross is indeed worried about emotional intelligence, he said in an interview that obamayan and other celebrations are too stupid. And this also spread to obamayan's ears, of course, Gabon star's reply is more polite and implicit. Crose's words and remarks are ironic, but he doesn't want to attack Gabon.

And obamayan's two replies are very atmospheric. It can be said that obamayan obviously has the upper hand in the air communication between the two sides. In fact, cross has always been considered by fans to be not very EQ, after all, cross's big mouth attribute is also his personal label.

Cross's remarks will not be taken into consideration by the media. It is unnecessary for him to say that he does not care about his personality.


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