It is China's second rice city Aden, beautiful primitive, but little known

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Daocheng Yading is a place many people yearn for "The last pure land on the water blue planet" There are really too many surprises.

Whether it's magnificent or sacred Snow Mountain , or vast water meadow Or colorful forest And blue transparent Haizi Almost all the most beautiful things in the snow covered plateau are gathered here, which makes people forget to go back.

But because of this beauty, more and more people have come here in recent years, Breaking the tranquility here

But in fact, there is a place where the scenery is not inferior to Daocheng Yading, which is even more primitive than it. It is also in Sichuan Province Xinlong County

Compared with Daocheng, it has no such low-key name It's always fascinating

"The door of wealth"

Kavaloge snow mountain

altitude 5992m It is located in dagai Township, 90 km away from Xinlong county. It is a good place for sightseeing and exploration.

The glaciers are crystal clear, and the angular peaks are meandering and undulating. They are majestic and magnificent.

Moreover, the kavalozhi pass is known as "ziyongqiongge", The door of wealth 。 It is said that after paying homage to this mountain, you will have good fortune and happiness.

At the foot of kava sunset snow mountain The primitive and simple residence of herdsmen Here you can see not only steep isolated peaks, but also numerous peak clusters, stone vertebrae, stone pillars, etc., which add a trace to the original simple folk houses Mystery

"Navel of the earth"

Yalong River Grand Canyon

The Yalong River Grand Canyon is full of mountains and rocks, just like entering an old tunnel, which is said to be here "Navel of the earth" The channel.

The gorge is full on both sides Strange grass and different trees There are fine texture of Picea schrenkiana, Abies squamosa, Picea schrenkiana, Abies faxoniana, Pinus koraiensis, Quercus acutissima, etc.

In the middle of the river, there are boulders blocking the river, waves splashing everywhere, and dangerous beaches are densely distributed, Various stone and Peak scenery It has formed a deep cliff and deep ravine landform with no bottom and narrow like a knife crack, which is daunting.

There is also known as the first pass of the new dragon, "north gate." Shimenkan

yes "One man in charge, ten thousand men not to open" The trend. The 6-meter-wide highway built by cutting mountains and cutting stones in the cliff is extremely steep and winding.

Standing here to see the river rushing against the rocks, the waves aroused layer by layer washing the soul.

"The gift of God"

Yinduo Danxia Hongshan

Danxia landform is the masterpiece of nature for hundreds of millions of years. It is a special gift for human beings, which is very precious. But there is such a precious treasure land in Xinlong county

Yinduo Danxia landform is located in Yinduo Township, Xinlong county, Set mountain, water, meadow, forest in one After years of running in, the momentum is magnificent.

It's also a great place for adventure and sightseeing, More than 30 kilometers of red You can't move your eyes.

"World Yao pool"

Lake tsoka

People who have been to Lake tsoka say it's here "The world's Yao pool, nine heaven fairyland" 。 In September, the plateau is already full of autumn. There is a bright yellow autumn scene everywhere, and the forest is full of dye. It is very beautiful.

The lake is not very big, but her jade like water is crystal clear.

Collected like a kaleidoscope Blue sky, white clouds, green trees, green mountains and red temples It seems that the whole world has been taken in her arms. After some processing, it is released in a more charming manner, which is refreshing.

The water of the lake is green, reflecting the lush woods. It is backed by dark green mountains and lies quietly on a terrace similar to a mountain basin, Shimmering in the sun

Here you just need to use your feet to measure every inch of land here, because every step you take will change the scenery in front of you, but no matter how it changes, it will make you happy.

If you are tired, take a walk by the lake of tsoka and empty yourself.

"Where the gods live"


Where lazma is located Surrounded by mountains on three sides, lush water and grass, the sacred mountain stands Lasima grassland is a natural pasture with a vast area.

The grassland of Lhasa, where cattle and sheep flock together, has a beautiful scenery. The boundless grassland is full of various kinds of wild flowers, and the faint fragrance of flowers lingers and is refreshing.

The broad grassland under the blue sky and white clouds, the colorful forest and the winding and clear laqu River, You can also see the posture of riba snow mountain from LARIMA.

The only stone tablet Tibetan village in China is hidden here If you can, come here to have a look at the fireworks.

The prosperity of the city, the noise of the city, and all the intrigues of the city will be isolated, This is where people can settle down.

Come to Xinlong, Zhaga mountain The main peak, like a knife and axe, is steep and majestic, straight into the sky. The forest is dense at the foot of the sacred mountain. All kinds of wild animals are jumping in the forest. The surrounding mountains are straight and beautiful, and the scenery is charming.

Come to Xinlong, there is a miracle in the history of bridges, known as "the first bridge of Kangba" Borri Bridge Across the Yalong River, it is magnificent and spectacular.

Come to Xinlong. There is autumn earlier than other places, Colorful forest The name is not called in vain. An autumn wind turns Xinlong into a fairy tale world.

Come to Xinlong. There are many here mountain It's green Forest sea It's boundless Grassland , crystal clear Haizi And there's the magic Danxia It's mysterious canyon , as long as you want it here!

Come to this little-known paradise and have a good talk with time.

matters needing attention

1: When traveling to Xinlong, most of them are in plateau area. The temperature difference between day and night is big. Especially at night, the weather is below zero, so it is recommended to be the best Wear warm clothes, such as thick clothes, cotton padded clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, etc

2: One week before departure, you should take anti altitude drugs such as Hongjingtian. If there is a serious high level reaction on the way, we should Get medical attention in time Don't delay. At the same time, it's not easy to get better when you are sick on the plateau. It is recommended to transfer to low altitude areas as soon as possible.

3: When you first enter the plateau, you should have more rest, drink more water, eat more fruits, prohibit smoking and alcohol, and diet should be controlled. You should not overeat, so as to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach and intestines. Don't run and do strenuous exercise.


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