Parents worry: our baby can't climb how to do? The doctor said it could be due to these reasons

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"What if my baby can't climb yet? Do you know how to climb? "

"Your baby can't go yet? My baby will leave in more than 10 months! "

In addition to the baby's daily life, are you also very concerned about your baby's growth and development, worried about the child's slow development?

Recently, the "sports development clinic" of the rehabilitation department of Hangzhou children's Hospital opened to provide assessment and diagnosis and treatment of sports related development for babies.

The so-called developmental milestone delay refers to that the landmark development indicators / milestones such as gross motor, fine motor and social interaction fail to reach the expected normal physiological development level.

For example, at 6 weeks of age, there is no response to sound or visual stimulation, no social response at 3 months old, poor head control at 6 months old, no sitting at 9 months old, no finger use at 12 months old, no walking and no words at 18 months old, no running and no words at 2 years old, and no climbing stairs or simple sentences at 3 years old.

What are the causes of developmental retardation in children?

1. It is caused by perinatal brain injury. It may have primitive reflex action, abnormal muscle tension and muscle weakness. It is often accompanied by sensory dysfunction and difficulty in coordination. The most common diseases are cerebral palsy and mental retardation;

2. Caused by congenital defects, including limb deformity, deformity or paralysis;

3. Due to genetic diseases, muscle atrophy and severe dysfunction may occur, such as spinal muscular atrophy;

4. Peripheral nerve injury or muscle system disease;

5. Chromosomal diseases, such as fragile X chromosome syndrome;

6. Hereditary metabolic defects.

Although the causes are different, the main feature of children's motor retardation is the lack of motor ability. Specifically, it is backward in sitting alone, crawling and walking. Moreover, infant motor retardation is often difficult to detect and miss the critical treatment time.

However, parents need not worry. Through early intervention, 90% of children with delayed development milestone can develop into normal children. Early screening is conducive to early detection, diagnosis and treatment, thus improving the prognosis.

Rehabilitation doctors remind parents that children under 1 year old should pay attention to the following manifestations:

At 1.2 months: do not put your hands into your mouth; do not lift your chest and raise your head in prone position.

At 2.4 months: they could not put things in their mouths; their heads were unstable; their feet were not well loaded when standing.

At 3.6 months: they do not actively grasp the toys around them; it is difficult to put things in the mouth; they do not turn over in different directions; they seem to have tight muscles or soft limbs.

At 4.9 months: the legs can not bear poor weight; they can't sit alone; they can't change toys from one hand to the other.

5.12 months: can't climb; can't stand stably; can't imitate action, such as clapping hands, knocking on the table.

If it is found that the baby has the above situation, it is recommended to go to the sports development clinic in time, and actively intervene in accordance with the specific diagnosis and response measures given by professional doctors. Do not have a fluke or evasive attitude, so as not to miss the best opportunity for diagnosis and treatment.

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