Do you feel sleepy after eating? We must be vigilant in these two situations

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Ming Ming had a good sleep last night and was full of energy all morning. But as soon as I finished my lunch, I yawned and felt sleepy

As for sleepiness after satiety, the popular saying is: after a meal, in order to digest, the blood entering the gastrointestinal tract will increase, and the blood supply to the brain will decrease, which will lead to cerebral ischemia and hypoxia in a short period of time, resulting in slow reaction and sleepiness.

Although after eating, the brain blood supply will change, but according to the relevant research, the degree of change is very small, and will not cause too much impact on the human body.

Cerebral blood vessels have their own regulatory mechanism, which can make the blood supply of the brain in a relatively stable state. For healthy people, generally speaking, eating a meal will not lead to cerebral ischemia.

What is the cause of sleepiness after meals?

Sleepy after satiety, how to return a responsibility?

Often after a meal, the malaise may be caused by hormones in the body

Gallbladder contractile hormone

A study by Stanford University found that the secretion of cholecystokinin in the human body generally increases within two hours after a meal, and after two hours, the secretion of this kind of contractIn will decrease; in contrast, the higher the content of cholecystokinin, the more sleepy.

In addition, the higher the general fat content, the higher the level of cholecystokinin, the more drowsiness.


After eating, food in the process of digestion and absorption, postprandial blood glucose will rise, while inhibiting the secretion of orexin in the body. But the orexin content reduces, the human body is easy to be sleepy, does not want to move, the orexin content is higher, the human body will also be more sober and active.

Therefore, especially when eating starch digestible food, blood sugar rises faster and sleepy more easily.


After a meal, the glucose in the food is absorbed by the human body, and insulin will be secreted to help control blood sugar; insulin will promote protein synthesis, and the tryptophan contained in the human body will increase, forming 5-hydroxytryptamine in the brain, which can further form melatonin, so as to make the human body sleepy.

In addition, insulin can also promote the body potassium ions from the blood into the cells, if the human body is in a state of mild hypokalemia, the body will also appear fatigue and sleepiness.

How to alleviate food sleepiness?

Quantity control

It is suggested that coarse grains account for about 1 / 3 of the total staple food; food with high dietary fiber such as green leaves and vegetables should be increased, and the intake of high-fat and high sugar foods should be reduced.

Lunch break

After lunch, you can have a rest for about 15 minutes, which can not only effectively relieve sleepiness, but also reduce the secretion of stress hormones in the body, and improve the efficiency of work in the afternoon.

In addition, a Greek study found that people who took naps more than three times a week for less than 30 minutes had a 37% lower risk of heart disease!

Drink plenty of water

A study in the frontiers of human neuroscience found that drinking water can speed up your brain by 14%, helping to keep your mind sharp and reduce sleepiness.

Sleepiness can also be a sign of illness

In addition to the symptoms of the disease itself, it may be the symptoms of the body!

Liver disease

The liver is an important metabolic organ. When pathological changes occur, its functions of detoxification and regulating the balance of water and electrolyte will be reduced, and the amount of nutrients delivered to other organs of the body will also be reduced, which will easily lead to body fatigue and total feeling of powerlessness.

Symptoms: 1

Liver problems, in addition to drowsiness, may also appear black face, yellow brown without Huahua, rough, dark purple lip, etc.; can also cause facial telangiectasia, spider nevus and liver palms, some patients may have splenomegaly.


Sleepiness is one of the common symptoms of diabetes. Because of the disorder of glucose metabolism of such people, sugar can not be fully utilized by the body and discharged from the urine, which is easy to cause physical decline and mental depression.

In addition, many diabetic patients will be combined with hyperviscosity and cerebrovascular disease, leading to cerebral artery insufficiency, cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, which will cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Symptoms: 1

Just after eating, I feel hungry and eat a lot, but my weight is falling; my eyesight is poor; my wound is hard to heal; my feet feel numb or painful; I urinate more frequently at night.

Therefore, if there are related symptoms, we must do a blood glucose test in time to confirm whether it is the sleepiness caused by diabetes.


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