Only 2 years, 21 years old talent seconds become super huge! Break the n-many record! Don't just look at fat tiger. Look at him

China-News - Sports November 20, 2020, 5:46 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

Just entered the year of nba2, played a super performance! The 21-year-old is really amazing!

What's more, they also have a beautiful face like Pan an in the basketball circle. Their eyes are bigger than me, their skin is whiter than me, and their height is higher than me... All of these forget it. The most "irritating" thing is that he can play basketball better than me! This still let people live, there is no place to reason!

You! You! Five body to earth convinced!

Brother 77, I'd like to introduce you to the fat man! In fact, he should have been the number one scholar in those years!

From now on, the same rookie, he flies the highest! The number one player is in the negative level. After playing for two years, Aton has been ridiculed as the No. 1 player with the least sense of existence. However, the number of blowing sheep is good, but the record of leading the team is rotten to the bottom. He has become a famous member of the air chopping group in the League!

As for him, he has both beauty and wisdom, and has long been compared with many favored children! In the eyes of many fans, he can become James and Durant as the court hero, play his own fame!

To say the data, he averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 boards, 8.8 assists and 1 steals per game in the regular season last season!

The playoffs continued to grow savagely, averaging 31 points, 9.8 boards, 8.7 assists and 1.2 breaks per field!

It's such a huge performance!

After coming to NBA, Dong Qiqi has broken more than n historical records! Won more than n history first!

At the age of 20 and 248 days, Dong Chichi became the youngest player in NBA history to win 25 + triple doubles in two consecutive games.

At the age of 20, 265 days, he surpassed Oscar Robertson (22 years old, 34 days) and became the youngest player in history to win 35 + triple doubles in two consecutive games.

In the game against warriors, he got 35 + triple doubles in less than 26 minutes. In NBA history, no player has been able to get 35 + triple doubles in 26 minutes before

Since ancient times, heroes are young!

In the second season of his career, he led the team into the playoffs, with the Clippers led by Ronaldinho and George!

It's hard to say who will win the series if Bo is not upset!

His talent is visible to the naked eye. It's amazing!

Can suddenly throw can organize! He knows all these jobs and is quite proficient in them!

Such an all-around player, throughout the NBA decades of history is also a rare existence!

Now, lone ranger is recruiting and strengthening the team! New season, new atmosphere, they have a new idea!

Their goal in the new season is not just to enter the playoffs, they want to go to a higher stage, the championship, they also want!

Handsome and able to play Dong Qiqi, the future is his!

Compared with the small flow of fat tiger, brothers also pay attention to dongqiqi!

His upper limit is not lower than that of panghu at all! And the beauty of this piece, fat tiger suffered a big loss!

Panghu's inner monologue: am I not cute?

Brothers, who do you think has a brighter future?


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