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Wang Zengqi has been away from us for more than 20 years, but his works are still very popular.

Wang Lao once wrote a poem

I have one advantage. I don't fix people all my life. Writing is very diligent, the world sent Xiaowen.

Wang Zengqi is not only a writer, but also a living family. He loves painting, cooking, life, smoking and drinking wine;

He's a quiet man.

He has experienced countless sufferings and setbacks in his life and has been treated unfairly, but he has always maintained a calm and broad-minded mind.

He devoted his whole life to describing the beauty of the world and sending warmth to others with words.

Wang Zengqi once commented on himself as follows:

There are food, food, food, food, food and food.

"Human plants" is one of his representative works.

Let's take a look at the warmth left by this interesting old man from five aspects: labor, life, flowers, birds, insects, fish, food and daily life.

Hard work also has infinite fun

Wang Qi can always find pleasure in his hard work.

"Grape moon order" describes his feelings when he was working in the vineyard. At that time, he was still wearing a "rightist" hat and was assigned to an agricultural science institute in Zhangjiakou for transformation.

But there is no sad mood in the article. Everything in his vineyard is so beautiful.

He described the scene of grapes absorbing water as "sucking up like a child sucking milk".

The scene of grape vine growth is written as "after applying fertilizer and watering, the grapes will vigorously pull out strips and grow leaves."

Even the tedious work of pinching grapevine whiskers became warm and interesting in his writing.

If he didn't want to pickle, the pickled vegetables would be very bad.

Even the very small grape flower which is not easy to be noticed can not escape his eyes which are good at catching beauty.

At that time, many works reflecting the working life of the "rightists" were bitter, sad and miserable.

But Wang Zengqi's words, full of love for life, after reading, let people have a touch of warmth.

How should we face the disappointments in life?

Wang Zengqi added a touch of warmth to his life.

He once said that if you are lucky, life will be more prosaic and meaningless.

In my opinion, the warmth and beauty of life are always there. The key is to have a soft heart to experience.

A person has what kind of heart, will have what kind of life.

You can have fun everywhere in daily life

Wang Zengqi has a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty. No matter what kind of life circumstances, he can always find pleasure in his daily life.

Some people define Wang Zengqi as the last scholar bureaucrat in China. His articles are mild and peaceful, with a kind of leisurely atmosphere.

But this "scholar bureaucrat" did not live a few days of carefree life.

In 1976, in order to relax himself, he often went to Yuyuantan alone for a walk in the morning, strolling around and chatting with other people.

Later, he wrote many essays about what he saw and heard in Yuyuantan.

Once, when he was walking in Yuyuantan, he saw an old couple bending over in the grass under the mountain to look for wolfberry.

He talked with the old couple and learned that they were just playing with wolfberry!

While walking, picking up wolfberry, which is more interesting than a simple walk.

Mr. Wang called them two childlike old people, two old children!

Even in that unfortunate situation, he wrote something very relaxed and humorous, which was rare.

When you are old, you have to learn to live and find pleasure in life.

In my opinion, everyone should learn to have fun in life.

Life is not as good as nine out of ten things, often think about one or two, in order to have a better life.

Flowers, birds, insects and fish are all interesting

Wang Zengqi is an interesting man. In his works, flowers, birds, insects and fish are all interesting.

Wang Zengqi wrote about flowers and plants and loved them.

Usually I like to go for a walk and see flowers in the park nearby.

Spring to see peony, autumn to see chrysanthemum, to the cold winter season, but also to see a variety of greenhouse flowers, colorful, fragrant.

He always looked at all kinds of flowers and plants very carefully, and often could tell the names and varieties of flowers.

Many of Wang Zengqi's articles on flowers, plants and trees quoted from classics and said a lot.

In Wang Zengqi's works, there are very wonderful descriptions of various small insects, such as Whitmania, cutworm and grasshopper.

He said ladybugs are the most exquisitely made insects;

Kowtowing beetles will kowtow constantly;

The one legged cow is very strong. If you put a clay car on it, it will pull it along.

He also likes to chat with bird breeders in the small park on the street. Mr. Wang knows something about Beijing people carrying caged birds.

In terms of "walking birds", Mr. Wang talked about the origin of Beijing People's walking birds and the major categories of bird raising. He talked about how to press birds, that is, how to train birds to imitate various sounds, how to choose bird food and cages

Wang said that the reason why he was interested in flowers, birds, fish and insects, and wrote a lot of such articles was because he felt that:

If people can develop some normal hobbies and have civilized quality, they will not be able to engage in smashing and robbing and destroy the beautiful things in the world.

He also thinks that being close to nature and cultivating civilized hobbies can cultivate people's sentiment and enhance their aesthetic feeling.

All kinds of beautiful things presented in Mr. Wang's articles can always make people learn to taste slowly and regain the treasure of the world's beauty.

The most beautiful thing in ordinary life is kindness

In the articles written by Wang Zengqi, most of them are about life, especially the life of small people.

In Yuyuantan, when the Sophora japonica flowers are in full bloom, Mr. Wang wrote down the life of the beekeepers.

He bought honey from beekeepers twice. When he came back from his walk around Yuyuantan, he would sit on the stump in front of his door, smoke a cigarette, watch him collect honey, scrape wax, and talk to him.

A canvas awning, a bed made of several boards, a roll of bedding, a honeycomb stove, and bottles of oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar on the ground are their "home".

He was about fifty years old, tall and thin, and slow in doing things. She was in her early thirties. That year, he met her in Xinfan Fangfeng.

He said the rice in the North was delicious, so she followed him.

They live a quiet and peaceful life, where there are flowers, they go.

One day, a woman went to the city and took over the beekeeper's four year old grandson for a few days.

She took the boy to the mall to buy clothes, shoes, biscuits and sugar gourd.

The boy is playing chicken pecking rice on the bed, she leans against the quilt to hook him a big red wool hat with a hook needle.

She loves the child very much. This kind of love is not utilitarian. It is neither to please her husband nor to have a good relationship with his son's family.

Grandma, she called her baby.

This is a very kind, very beautiful heart.

Life is never short of beauty, but a crystal clear heart like Wang Lao who finds beauty.

For the beauty of life, even if it only exists in the corner, when we go to dig it out and show it, it will always be warm to it.

Only food can live up to it

Wang Zengqi loves not only writing, but also food.

In his works, there are many contents about tasting and making delicious food.

After studying in Southwest Associated University, he missed Kunming very much. The rainy season in Kunming was bright, plump and emotional.

He also wrote that during the rainy season in Kunming, the fungus was abundant and delicious.

It is also a pleasure to visit the vegetable market in the rainy season.

The most and cheapest Boletus, color like beef liver, smooth, tender, fresh, fragrant, very delicious.

Fried Boletus must put more garlic, otherwise easy to make people faint.

Green fungus is a little more expensive than Boletus, this kind of fungus is still light green after being fried, and its style is higher than that of Boletus.

The king of mushrooms is chicken longitudinal, which tastes fresh and strong, which is incomparable.

In addition, there are not enough to eat the Ba fungus, in the middle to see eat the chicken oil fungus.

The fruit of rainy season is Myrica rubra.

All the girls who sell red bayberry are Miao girls. They wear a cap with small flowers and shoes embroidered with flowers.

Sitting in a corner of the stone, he called out from time to time: "selling bayberry -" the voice was delicate.

Their voices softened the air during the rainy season in Kunming.

It's called "big red" red bayberry.

Mr. Wang said that he had eaten bayberry from Dongting mountain in Suzhou and bayberry in Jinggangshan, which seemed to be inferior to Huotan plum in Kunming.

One rainy day, he and his friends strolled to a nearby pub and ordered a dish of pork head and half a catty of market wine, and sat down until afternoon.

Forty years later, he could not forget the sentiment of that day.

For Wang Yuanming, we can say that he loves ordinary life.

Mr. Wang once said that he was an ordinary and peaceful man, a man who was settled in a cottage with bamboo fences and small bridges and flowing water.

He said he was always out of place with all the great things.

For the tall and majestic mountain, often only can look up to, for all the great figures, also often with ordinary people.

In his works, there are few spectacular scenes of thunder roaring and huge.

But when you are tired and tired, look at his works.

In addition to the small and beautiful courtyard of the south of the Yangtze River, the small courtyard of the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful, and the small courtyard of the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful.

More importantly, from his unique insight and aesthetic discovery of things, we can appreciate the fun of ordinary people, local customs, flowers, birds, insects and fish.

In his unconsciousness and unconsciousness, he realized an interpretation of the beauty of nature and the beauty of life details, so his mood immediately softened and became happy.


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