Suzhou's "Japanese Street" has been on a hot search, the street network red wearing kimono clock in caused controversy

China-News - China Travel November 21, 2020, 5:33 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

Recently, a street in Suzhou has become popular. This is Huaihai street, which is located in Suzhou high tech Zone. Because this street is very similar to the daodonhori in Osaka, Japan, it has been sought after by many Japanese tourists and Japanese fans, just like the Foshan Nanhai street in Guangdong Province which we reported earlier In Yifan street, many netizens come here in kimonos to punch in. This also makes Xiaobian feel that Japanese cultural output has blossomed in recent years

The scenic spot is Huaihai street, which is located in Suzhou high tech Zone. The reason why Huaihai street has become a major tourist attraction is not because it retains the ancient Chinese traditional architecture, but because it is mainly Japanese architecture, which is a street dedicated to reflecting Japanese culture. Therefore, Huaihai street is also called "Japanese Street" by the local people.

In fact, this Huaihai street has been built for about 25 years. At the beginning, the road and the small shops along the street were built to provide convenience for the employees of Japanese enterprises who came to Suzhou. There was no gorgeous appearance or too much publicity. Therefore, only those who are interested in Japanese materials would know about it.

As far as the Japanese people are concerned, the real food in Osaka street is also the real thing.

In April this year, the Huaihai street, which had been built since 1994, was completely enclosed. The whole street was completely closed. It was not until September that we met again. After more than five months of reconstruction, this Huaihai street can be said to be a brand new, whether it is charm and appearance will make you mistakenly believe that you came to Japan!

There are all kinds of Japanese shops on the street. The entrance is Japanese. Even the decoration is imitated Japanese architecture. If Huaihai street in the daytime still can't see anything different, but when the lights are on at night, it will change completely. There are lots of lights and neon lights, and all kinds of Japanese are heard from time to time. It seems that this place has become a real Japanese street, and it has become a "Internet red card punching place". In fact, the most popular activity is to take photos in kimonos.

Of course, you don't have to buy a kimono to take photos here, because businessmen always have a keen sense of smell. There are special kimono rental shops and photo shops. 50 yuan a set can be said to be very cost-effective. In addition, many tourists punch in kimonos every day. Maybe you can have a "noodle base" activity by chance?

Compared with the daytime, the night scenery of Huaihai street is more beautiful, and there are often more people. On the one hand, it has something to do with the rhythm of people's life and work. During the day, everyone is working, and there is little time to visit here. On the other hand, when the night falls, all kinds of lights in all shops will be turned on, which can be said to be a small light show. In the gorgeous light, wearing kimono, take a set of beautiful photos, so that the sister is very happy.

However, Shangre search is Huaihai street. Now there are tourists wearing kimonos. Do many people think that is really appropriate?

For example, some netizens feel that such a practice is very inappropriate, "kimono" is the most important part of Japanese culture, our history can not forget, such a theme is too sensitive, is a kind of sadness and cultural loss, so this trend should be very vigilant.

Some netizens also think that there are three Chinatowns in Japan. The largest Chinatown in Asia is still in Yokohama, and some Japanese worship Guan Gong. Therefore, there is a Japanese street in China, which can be regarded as reciprocity. There is no need to go online like this.

Coincidentally, in a recent report in Hangzhou, an aunt was reprimanding a girl in kimono at the edge of the West Lake. She felt that it would damage China's image, and it also triggered heated discussion among netizens. This also reminds Xiaobian of the incident that many years ago, a mother and daughter of Wuhan University were chased by the crowd for wearing kimonos.

Under the influence of Japan's secondary culture, many young people like Japanese culture very much. After all, the export of Japanese culture has gone global, whether it is Russia or Iran There are fans of Japanese culture everywhere. In today's economic globalization, occasionally wearing foreign clothes is not necessary to be on the line, which makes people feel angry, so let's be confident and magnanimous.

China and Japan have established diplomatic relations normally and are in a state of friendly exchanges. The history of the past is important, but we should also focus on the present and the future. In fact, in our daily life, Japanese products have been fully integrated into our daily life, not only Japanese conventional cosmetics and daily necessities, but also handmade, twisted eggs and blind boxes JK clothes, Lolita clothes, which were once popular in Japan, are pouring into China.

A lot of girls take pictures here because they love beauty. To be honest, many Chinese girls wear kimonos to take pictures. The reason why they are disgusted by some people is that many people think of the meaning behind "kimono". However, as a personal hobby, it is really nothing. Beautiful things can always spread across national boundaries, time and space.

In other words, this kimono also comes from Wu Fu? Wu was also in Jiangsu. At that time, Wu also transported a lot of culture and technology to Japan. Today's Japan has developed decades earlier than we have, and indeed created a lot of good things and cultures. And the East Asian aesthetic tends to be consistent, easier to understand and appreciate.

Of course, as we have thousands of years of cultural heritage, we don't need to belittle ourselves just because we see people wearing kimonos.

I believe that one day we will lose the beautiful culture of history and tradition to Japan and even the whole world.

Finally, what's your opinion on this matter? Welcome to comment on the comments.

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