As the old saying goes, "men are afraid of grinding, women are afraid of soaking, chickens are afraid of driving dogs, and dogs are afraid of licking". What did the ancients want to tell us?

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In everyone's heart, there are people or things to be afraid of. For example, many girls are especially afraid of spiders, and even some big men are especially afraid of dogs. It can be seen that fear does not vary from person to person. Even a strong man has something that makes him shiver.

As the rural saying goes, "men are afraid of grinding, women are afraid of soaking, chickens are afraid of being chased, and dogs are afraid of licking."? In fact, the experience of the ancients, I am afraid many people do not know its deep meaning, what do the ancients want to tell us?

First, men are afraid of grinding

Why are men afraid of "grinding"? The so-called "grinding" is not grinding, grinding, but refers to soft grinding and hard bubbles. In real life, many men eat soft rather than hard, which is closely related to their androgen.

Since ancient times, men have been strong representatives, they never give in to difficulties, so the wheel of history will continue to roll forward. If you get along with men, and they are always tit for tat or tough attitude, then they will not eat you.

On the contrary, if the tactics used are soft and hard, they will hit the weak side of men, and they will eventually succumb to entanglement.

There is a very famous story in France. The south wind and the north wind want to have a fight, that is to see who can blow off the clothes of pedestrians.

The north wind tried to blow off the heavy clothes of passers-by with the fierce wind, but the more he did so, the more he would wrap the clothes tightly. The south wind only gently blows the air, causing the temperature to rise and causing pedestrians to take off their clothes.

The result of the competition must be that the south wind has won, because the south wind has mastered the law of doing things. It knows that doing things can not rely on brute force, but should win by wisdom. In fact, in many cases, the way of soft grinding can achieve better results.

Second, women are afraid of bubbles

Women are afraid of bubbles and men are afraid of grinding. The so-called "bubble" also refers to soft grinding and hard blistering. To put it bluntly, when you get along with women, you should pay more attention, spend more time, mind and patience, so as to impress them and then put them into your arms.

This is mainly because women are too sensitive and easily infected by external things or men's language and attitude. It's easy to change their attitude or thinking. The simplest example is when they are in love.

At first, the girl may not have a cold for the boy. However, with the beauty's soft embrace, it will change her mind.

In real life, there are a lot of beautiful girls with an ugly man around them. Maybe people who don't know will think that the girl values his money.

Little did not know that this man may have no money and no room, it is because of the use of the "bubble" formula, so that the girl to his heart and soul.

Third, the chicken is afraid to drive out

Chicken is a common animal in life, and many people especially like to eat delicious and juicy chicken. But in rural areas, there is a saying that "chickens are afraid to drive out".

In fact, the chicken is relatively timid, especially afraid of human or other animal disturbance. Because once they are too scared, it is easy to cause them to fly in all directions.

Especially for the laying hens, the reason why they are most afraid of being chased is that the hens need a quiet environment when laying eggs.

If they are laying eggs, to drive them crazily will cause the hens to be frightened, which will lay eggs in other people's homes, which is a big loss for farmers.

Fourth, the dog is afraid of licking

Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings. In modern society, the rural areas still keep house dogs. Their main function is to guard their homes.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog should know that the way dogs express their affection for their owners is mainly by wagging their tails or licking their tongues. After giving birth to her pups, the mother will also lick to help her clean her hair.

The word "lick" in the dog's fear of licking not only represents that the dog licks people, but also expresses that the owner is too "licking the dog". To put it bluntly, he is too enthusiastic about his own dog.

In fact, this will make the dog feel uncomfortable, but it will also encourage their arrogance, and over time will become a lazy or lazy dog.

You can imagine, how can such a dog look after the house? Therefore, the owner does not have to be too nice to the dog, as long as they are satisfied with three meals a day and walk the dog more often. There is no need to treat the dog as a son or daughter, often let them live in the bedroom, which will have a bad impact on the dog.


Men and women are the basic units of the world. Under the premise of reproduction, the most important thing is mutual respect. Men don't want male chauvinism, and women don't need to be cautious.

As long as the communication between men and women is established on the basis of equality, generally speaking, good results will be achieved. In particular, men and women who want to develop into a romantic relationship should understand the importance of propriety.


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