Cecilia Cheung's recent photo of her 3-year-old son, with thick eyebrows, big eyes and high nose, is not the so-called hybrid baby

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It is said that the factor that determines whether or how many children a family has now is money. Although there is a certain truth in this statement, it depends on personal will in addition to money. Some people don't like having more children, while others are just a big family.

The entertainment industry is a very strange place. Sometimes it seems that the minds of the stars are quite open, and they are not so cautious in the aspect of male and female communication. But sometimes they have a lot of feudal ideas. For example, female stars want to marry into rich families to be little grandmothers. Married stars will be born crazily. After giving birth to children, they will pay attention to whether they have sons. If not, they should always pursue children. Boys and girls should be born naturally.

Actress Cecilia Cheung, after giving birth to two sons, is determined to have another daughter, so that his children can be both. But the third child is still a big fat boy. Recently, a recent photo of Cecilia Cheung's third born son was exposed. The child in the picture is still a fleshy baby, but we can see the features of his thick eyebrows, big eyes and high nose. It seems that he will be a handsome young man with high appearance when he grows up.

From the picture, Cecilia Cheung's three born son can not see any mixed blood characteristics, not the so-called mixed blood baby in the rumor. It was rumored that the father of Cecilia Cheung's third child was a foreigner. Now it seems that it is just a rumor.

Although Cecilia Cheung has a lot of criticism, but the public is still very identity with her mother. Cecilia Cheung is often photographed taking children shopping, traveling and so on. Usually, he really spent a lot of time with his children.

It is worth noting that for children who are still growing up, parents' company is very important. Today, Cecilia Cheung has three sons, which can be said to be happy.

What's the advantage of having more children at home?

1. More warm

Families with many children are inevitably noisy, but the atmosphere is always lively with warmth. Especially when children grow up and become independent, they will lose the intimacy when they are young with their parents. There are many things children don't want to tell their parents. But it's OK for brothers and sisters. If brothers and sisters help each other, their troubles will be reduced a lot. When the parents are old, every new year's festival, the children go home, the home is bustling, the heart is more warm.

2. Reduce the burden of the elderly

The biggest pressure on only children comes from their parents' aging and illness. Taking care of the old and sick elderly not only consumes money and physical strength, but also is a great test for mental health. If both parents are disabled due to old age and illness, and there is only one child in the family, it is unimaginable that the child's life will be so painful. If there are brothers and sisters, we can share a part of the pressure can be reduced a lot.

Of course, this should be based on the fact that parents have well educated their children. If a child is not well educated, grows up to be selfish and blames each other on his or her elderly and ailing parents, then there is no difference between having children and not having children.

What should parents who like to have more children pay attention to?

1. Consider family conditions

Financial strength is not necessary to raise children. In particular, to cultivate children into talents, the tuition fee from kindergarten to university is a huge expense. Especially in the first tier cities, if the family conditions are not guaranteed to be superior and every child can receive a good education, there is really no need to have more children.

2. Discuss who will take care of the children

In addition to raising children, it also consumes time. After the child is born, it will take at least 5-6 years to go to school and be relatively independent. If you have more than one child, this period of time should be extended. In order to raise children, one must sacrifice the life time that originally belongs to one's own. It was a huge sacrifice. Not everyone is really willing to give their life for so many children.

Therefore, if you consider raising multiple children, who will take care of these children, or who will lead the management, we must discuss in advance.

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