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Overseas return is one of the most dazzling phenomena this year. It occurs in many scenes such as tourism, overseas shopping, duty-free shopping, art auction and so on. Overseas return is also an opportunity for domestic culture and tourism industry, which brings about a rise in sales performance in many fields. Overseas return is also a rare opportunity for domestic enterprises to expand the market, innovate and upgrade, and promote the great cycle.

Where is the flow of people

"The air travel software has been updated. By the way, I have looked at the records of previous years. A total of 16 countries have been flown. This year, the epidemic has been rampant, and I haven't flown once." In the same period of last year, the number of outbound tourists increased by 0.355 billion in the same period of last year, showing a vivid change of 1.55% compared with that of last year. But in 2020, this growth will come to an abrupt end, and when it will recover is still unknown.

According to the "China outbound tourism development report 2020" released by China Tourism Research Institute (data center of the Ministry of culture and Tourism), under the impact of the epidemic situation, the development of outbound tourism in 2020 will basically stagnate. It can be imagined that the tourism demand of 155 million tourists in 2019 is accelerating to return to the domestic tourism market.

"Ctrip has created a number of year-on-year growth achievements during the" 11th "of this year: domestic hotel room night volume (calculation unit of hotel room occupancy rate) and air ticket booking recovered by more than 100% year-on-year; air ticket orders increased by more than 100% month on month compared with September; tourist volume and ticket booking volume of private groups increased by more than 100% year-on-year; car rental business increased by more than 50% year-on-year." Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip.

"After the reshuffle of the epidemic situation, Tujia's online housing supply has increased rather than decreased. The stock of domestic B & B has increased from 1.8 million to 2.3 million. It's not suitable for the first-class houses and family houses to be sold in the first-class and multi-purpose houses Li Jennie Li, executive vice president and chief business officer of Tujia, also said that the epidemic has made the public more inclined to travel around by self driving, and they are more willing to stay in high-quality B & B rooms with unique design focusing on amorous feelings, leisure and oxygen absorption.

During the outbreak of new crown pneumonia in the United States, graduate students of Graphic Design Department of Yale University School of art, 90 Huang Zhiyan, a post artist, started his visual research in this special period. For example, in the short film "walking", she uses a small dog like robot to explore the outside world, and investigates people's watching behavior in the society through artistic means, and combines with new technical means such as remote-controlled robot man, so that the audience can rethink their relationship with the world. Although her works won many awards during the outbreak of the epidemic, such as "walking" won the "artist's favorite film" award in the French international art book and Film Festival, and the inflatable sculpture room 114 won the "fusion art" award in the United States, the severity of the epidemic still made Huang Zhiyan choose to return home for development.

Huang Zhiyan held a solo exhibition "the way to watch under the epidemic situation" in Beijing. The picture shows her works.

The domestic employment environment is not optimistic. Although there are mature industrial chains and design organizations in the art and design industries of South Korea, Japan and the United States, China's art and design industry has great development potential. " Huang Zhiyan said.

It is not an isolated case for young artists like Huang Zhiyan to return to China for development. In the post epidemic period, there has been a peak of overseas talent "returning". According to the big data of workplace social platform pulse, from November 2019 to April 2020, the number of newly registered overseas talents with overseas study experience continued to increase, with a half year growth rate of 213%.

"Many students studying in Britain and the United States have increased their demand for internships in domestic art institutions because of the epidemic. We have absorbed many students from the Royal College of art, New York University and other institutions. The job demand of graduates in China has also become higher. However, because the number of art posts in China has not increased significantly, many people choose to go back to China for further study. There may be 200 candidates competing for a doctorate in the Central Academy of fine arts, which is unprecedented before. " You Yang, deputy curator of UCCA Ullens Center for contemporary art, also has a deep understanding of this.

"Awaken all things -- Baidu AI immersive interactive art experience Exhibition" held by famous art organization eurence after the epidemic this year

The rapid recovery of China's market and the strong connection of China's cross-border e-commerce make the main group of overseas shopping - international destination tourist groups quickly release their shopping demand to China's cross-border e-commerce and duty-free shops, and the global fashion retail industry, which has suffered a huge blow, has turned against the wind. There is a series of data

In the first half of the year, half of the stores in the United States were closed, and the two largest stores in the United States were closed.

However, from March to June this year, everlane's performance in the Chinese market achieved a three digit high-speed growth compared with last year, and its sales during the "6.18" period of tmall global exceeded the sum of April and may. At the same time, more than 4000 overseas brands in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places in the "6.18" Carnival Shopping Festival of tmall international doubled year-on-year and reversed against the wind.

Data from koala.com also shows that since February this year, nearly 1000 overseas brands from 21 countries have settled in koala shopping, with sales growth of more than 100%. Luxury goods sales also increased 185% month on month in August.

"Entering China's online platform, entering the stable and recovering Chinese market, at the same time, it can also contact a large number of high net worth people, and finally realize online marketing." Said Fu luyong, general manager of Laox group in China.

The return of tourists has led to a whole year of "shopping Carnival" in Sanya International duty-free city in Hainan. On February 20, Sanya International duty-free city resumed business. The next day, its daily sales of e-commerce channels exceeded 44.28 million yuan. Since then, it has launched a series of promotional activities such as "March 8th goddess Festival", "Shuangpin Shopping Festival" and "the second Hainan Island tax-free shopping festival in 2020", and its operating income has been increasing. After more than 300 million online shopping activities in Hainan Island, the total amount of online shopping has been launched for more than 300 million.

Tourist shopping crowd surging in duty-free shops of Hainan China Immunity Group Co., Ltd

"This year's summer tour in Hainan has been a beautiful battle. A large part of the reason is that tourists who used to favor foreign travel have come to Hainan for summer vacation and shopping. "Tax free shopping festival" and other activities are tantamount to enjoying a discount on the tax-free mechanism, which also attracts a large number of consumers. " Ge Mingming, Deputy Secretary General of Hainan Tourism Association, said.

Measures: how to change the "flow" into "retention"

The overseas return of multiple fields has brought about the rise of sales performance in various fields, and also brought rare opportunities for domestic enterprises to expand the market, innovate and upgrade, and promote the great cycle.

Liang Jianzhang, co founder and chairman of the board of directors of Ctrip Next year, it will deepen the domestic tourism market from the four directions of content, product, supply chain and quality, and realize the global strategic layout based on the deep cultivation of domestic tourism. In terms of product direction, Ctrip will focus on the new generation of small and beautiful tourism products, such as boutique B & B and characteristic play, and continue to give such products exclusive flow. Ctrip is a trading platform, but its future goal is to become a platform for users to seek travel inspiration and interact with each other. This is the content plate that Ctrip is about to start deep ploughing. At the end of the supply chain, Ctrip will try to break through the closed-loop from content to transaction, covering five links closely related to suppliers: product, platform rules, ranking, strategy and marketing.

Li Jianyi, executive vice president and chief business officer of Tujia Short video, cloud tourism, text clips, live grass and other new marketing means have an impact on the public consumption habits. We should seize the channel and opportunity of public domain traffic in the spring tide of traffic, and also take this opportunity to establish our own private domain traffic. In this regard, Tujia has already arranged a "beauty hostel" matrix, which has gathered millions of fans, such as travel celebrities and online Red bloggers, to clock in and recommend the lifestyle of travel destinations and high-quality B & B, so as to bring more users an immersive grass planting experience. Under the guidance of Tujia's "meisujia", Shanghai Xinlu B & B and Weihai Indus B & B achieved hundreds of millions of person times, and became the representative of regional network red B & B, which not only promoted the occupancy rate and praise rate, but also increased the average occupancy rate of some B & B to 90%.

Li Qiuyan, head of brand Department of Jingyu donkey mother: Any scenic spot should pursue the upgrade from flow to "reservation". The key points are as follows: first, cultivate more high-quality resources of the destination, such as scenic spots, hotels, regional culture, folk customs, lifestyle, characters, etc., into a new online celebrity; second, form continuous communication in the way that the mainstream consumer likes; third, cultivate the unique holiday lifestyle of the destination and strengthen the theme hotel The proportion of comprehensive cultural experience in tourism consumption. In order to retain tourists, the scenic spot should make efforts in product innovation, cultural connotation promotion, marketing, service and experience. In the future, Jingyu donkey mother will help the cooperative scenic spot to make full efforts in these aspects.

Artist Makino: At present, China does not have such a large art market, so although the rapid increase of these talents from abroad has brought fresh blood to the domestic art market, there is still a question mark about how they can develop in China.

Jin Yuanpu, President of China Creative Industry Research Association and professor of Renmin University of China: This year, overseas study has been blocked. Nine major art schools and eight art schools in China have increased the enrollment scale under the guidance of national policies. This is a very wise way to attract talents. In addition, there are many overseas students returning home to start their own businesses this year. The government should pay more attention to this year's returnees' Entrepreneurship and increase their tolerance and support.

Experts suggested that: For returned overseas talents, we can provide high-quality treatment to attract them to return home. Special funds should be set up to help them carry out academic research and technological development, and to support short-term academic exchanges. In view of the current situation of talent introduction in Colleges and universities, policies, funds and projects should be more inclined to colleges and universities.

Chen Guoqiang, general manager of China National Tourism Group Co., Ltd Sanya International duty-free city is the largest single duty-free shop in the world. It includes more than 350 international famous fashion consumer brands, gathers many international famous Asia Pacific flagship stores and the latest concept stores, and also achieves the miracle of global leading single store sales. Next, with more diversified cooperative relations, more open cooperation pattern, more stable development mode and greater development vision, China immune group will create a new situation of cooperation between China and even the international tax-free industry, and usher in the "China time" of China's tourism retail market.

Relevant person in charge of China immunity group: How to meet the "China time" of China tourism retail market? Hainan's practice is to take the tax-free mechanism as an important starting point to enhance the tourism image, create a new business card of "tourism + tax exemption", and even promote the construction of Hainan free trade port and the upgrading of consumption. First of all, the policy was further relaxed. On June 29, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation issued the announcement on the tax-free shopping policy for Hainan Island passengers, including the regulations on increasing the annual accumulative tax-free limit to 100000 yuan per person and canceling the tax-free limit of 8000 yuan for a single commodity.

In November, Sanya International duty-free city launched the online and offline "double 11" preferential activities. Recently, its official website also announced that the annual Christmas shopping season will begin in December, with brand-name discount products as low as 50%, which will keep the tourism shopping boom throughout the end of the year.

Reporter's notes

Industrial innovation and upgrading is the root of "retention"

Just as Wang Xiaoyu, a specially appointed expert of the world tourism cities Federation and a special researcher of the tourism research center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, under the background of domestic market-oriented and domestic and international dual cycle development, the next high-quality development of culture and tourism will be reflected in quality improvement, theme refinement, experience deepening, market sinking, sports, health care, research and culture The development of technology and leisure should be deepened. Product experience should also be continuously deepened, especially in the immersive Art Museum, museum technology experience, local intangible cultural heritage product experience, sports and leisure experience. The industry needs to strengthen the supply of such experience products and content.

Chinese outbound tourists are rapidly returning to the domestic market, which is forcing the domestic tourism industry to upgrade its accommodation, scenic spots, local entertainment and other products. Facts have proved that only by effectively carrying on the surging consumption demand of medium and high-end tourism and vacation this year and developing more and more in-depth playing methods and products, can tourists' recognition of "domestic tourism" consumption be enhanced more effectively and longer.

The opportunities for China's duty-free industry are also enormous. In the whole year, China immune group has continuously introduced a large number of international famous brands and opened duty-free shops in cities all over the country. Its pursuit should not only be the flow of people and sales volume; after the national day, Zhongxin tourism also announced that it would operate the "tourism + shopping" business together with Wangfujing duty-free. China, with a strong epidemic control, may take this opportunity to catch up and occupy an important position in the world duty-free industry.

But how to change from "China time" to "China time" to "China time"? The epidemic situation is a catalyst. The tax-free license plate is loosened, and the sales restrictions for domestic users are becoming less and less. The charm of this industry is obvious. However, "tax barriers" are not the iron rice bowls of duty-free shops. Buyers are no longer subject to geographical restrictions, and multi-party price comparison will become the norm. Domestic duty-free shops need to compete with many competitors such as international duty-free shops, tmall global, domestic and foreign purchasing agents. The original pattern of duty-free consumer products will be rewritten, and overseas fashion consumer goods will be tested by more competitive products, including strong rise It's made in China. Therefore, it is almost a compulsory course for future duty-free shops to cultivate differentiated consumption habits, introduce differentiated brands, including excellent domestic products, and form their own flow pool and membership system.

At present, the fierce competition in China's duty-free product industry has just begun, and the whole industry chain will face a tough change. Only by following the trend and constantly innovating and upgrading to meet the needs of consumers, can we really seize the "opportunity" under the "crisis" in 2020 and turn the short-term flow into a long-term increment.

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