The second evaluation forecast of "double first class" Universities: 2 universities will be demoted, 1 e-mail and 1 post will be upgraded to first-class universities?

China-News - Headlines November 22, 2020, 5:30 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

With the time interval of "the fifth round of discipline evaluation" of the Ministry of education has been determined, the day of the second round of "double first-class" construction universities is not far away. It is estimated that the second round of "double first-class" construction universities will be announced in the near two years. The double first-class construction is different from the 211 project construction, and it is not always labeled as "double first-class". Therefore, there will be a list adjustment in the second round of "survival of the fittest". At present, there are a variety of adjustment lists circulating on the Internet. Today, the editors will also make a prediction and analysis:

Prediction of the list of a and B universities in the construction of world first class universities

At present, there are 42 world-class universities in the first batch of double first-class universities, among which 36 are class A (all 985 engineering universities) and 6 are class B (3 985, 211 Engineering Universities and 3 211 Engineering Universities).

Among them, the first batch of 36 first-class universities in the world should not be moved. Lanzhou University, Central University for nationalities, Chongqing University, and Ocean University of China are at the bottom of the list. Lanzhou University is limited to its geographical location, slow development and brain drain, but its strength is still very strong, which is an important talent training base in Northwest China; Ocean University of China is the top marine and aquatic products industry in China; Chongqing University is the only key university in the local area, and the central University for Nationalities contributes to national unity, and these universities have no reason to move.

The first batch of world-class university construction B universities are: Northeast University, Zhengzhou University, Hunan University, Yunnan University, northwest agriculture and forestry science and Technology University, Xinjiang University.

In fact, the strength of Northeast University is very strong, and the quality of undergraduate students is very high. The number of talents awarded the national three awards ranks in the forefront of China's universities, so it is very likely to be upgraded to A-class university construction in the world.

Although Hunan University is good, its development is slow. In addition to the famous University of Central South University, it is estimated that Hunan University will continue to stay in the world-class university and build class B. The strength of northwest agricultural and Forestry University is weak, and the other three 211 universities are supported by policies. There is still a big gap between the strength and the construction of A-class world-class university, so we should continue to stay in the original position.

However, it is expected that there will be more B-class universities in the world. The blockade of China's chip and other technologies by the United States and the rise of 5g technology in China will not only taste the bitter fruit, but also be full of the confidence to develop science and technology. It is expected that Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology is likely to enter class B of world-class universities, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications may also join in the construction of class B world-class universities.

A list of world class university disciplines

Among the world's first-class discipline construction universities, 211 engineering universities will certainly not be lost. Only 25 first-class discipline construction universities which are not 211 / 985 projects can be active. Among them, art, sports, public security and other institutions are top universities in this field, which should and will not move. Among the 10 comprehensive universities, there may need to be "dedication" cases to prove that the double first-class universities will be cancelled if they do not work hard.

Henan University has been miserable enough. The other five universities of traditional Chinese medicine have advanced and retreated together. Other universities have strong discipline strength and are relatively safe. Ningbo University without B + discipline and Chengdu University of technology without a discipline are the most dangerous.

The first-class discipline construction universities are expected to increase a lot. Shanxi, Hebei, Henan and Zhejiang are still short of key universities: Fujian Normal University, Yanshan University, Xiangtan University, Shanxi University, Henan University of technology, Nanjing University of technology, Zhejiang University of technology, and Northeast University of Finance and economics. They all have strong disciplines and are likely to enter the list of world-class disciplines.


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