Heavy weight! The 20th version of the turbofan, Yun 20, was put into service. Yun 20 made up for the last short board and helped the strategic air force take off

China-News - Headlines November 22, 2020, 5:31 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

It can be said that the 20 fans of China Airlines have been appearing in the first place, and then there has been a period of surprise in the company. I didn't expect that before long, a bigger surprise suddenly appeared. A military version of the Yun 20 high-definition version of the turbofan 20 suddenly appeared, once again ignited the enthusiasm of military fans. The 20 engine is no longer a short version of the air force, which is no longer a short version of the air force.

Many relevant military experts said that with the full version of the y-20 in service, it not only means that China has made a qualitative leap forward, becoming the fifth country after the United States, Britain, France and Russia to independently develop high bypass ratio high-performance turbofan engine. Both military and civilian will have a profound impact. It also means that the y-20 will not only improve its functions as a transport aircraft, but also lay a solid foundation for the development of various advanced special aircraft in the future.

As we all know, the turbofan 20 engine, as the standard engine of y-20, is developed based on the core engine of Taihang engine. It is the first self-developed engine with large thrust and large bypass ratio. The turbofan-20 is a large bypass ratio engine with a thrust of 13 to 16 tons. It is composed of a first-stage fan, a three-stage supercharged compressor, a seven stage high-pressure compressor, a first-stage high-pressure turbine, a three-stage low-pressure turbine, a short-loop combustion chamber, and a full authority digital control system.

The turbofan 18 assembled in the early service version of Yun 20 is the domestic version of Russian d30 engine. However, the performance index of d30 engine has fallen behind nearly 40 years ago. Compared with the original engine, the D3 engine has a lot of new technology, which is about 20% less than that of the original turbofan engine.

With the service of the turbofan 20, the performance of yun-20 has been further improved. It will have greater carrying capacity and longer range, and become a solid wing of the strategic air force.


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