Six million Rolls Royce was sprayed with red paint to "get to know you", and the owner was dumbfounded: I want to find you

China-News - Headlines November 22, 2020, 5:31 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

July this year

In a sudden rainstorm in Xi'an

A Rolls Royce was flooded

The owner of the Rolls Royce at that time

It took hundreds of thousands to fix the car

Should also be very distressed

But Mr. Fan, the owner of the car, has a very good mentality

At that time, he said:

I was afraid that if the water flooded the driver

As long as people are OK, the car can be repaired

I didn't expect that Mr. Fan was in a good mood

This strength is also really strong

Except for the flooded Rolls Royce

There's another Rolls Royce

But his Rolls Royce has a bit of luck


What are you doing here

Yes, it's in the picture above

It's Mr. Fan's another Rolls Royce

The car was painted

Lao Ge, I want to know you

Mr. Fan said he was at a party with his friends

His car was parked with his friend's

I didn't expect to have a look after dinner

My car was sprayed like this

Think about seeing the car spray like this

This blood pressure is really a burst of blood pressure

Mr. Fan said, this Rolls Royce

He only bought it for a year

The price of a new car is 6 million yuan

no way out

Mr. fan can only be in the afternoon of November 18

It cost tens of thousands to repaint Rolls Royce

Who is lacking in virtue?

After that, someone gave it to Mr. Fan

I sent out some photos of the printer at that time

From the photos

It's a girl in a mask

Although I can't see clearly

But Mr. Fan is going to find her!

Mr. Fan described his own experience

It was posted online

Quickly attracted the attention of netizens

However, some netizens think that

Mr. Fan is hyping

Otherwise, we should have called the police

Some people criticized the girl who sprayed the car


Others praised Mr. Fan's good attitude

He even helped to recruit

Put on an invisible film

All kinds of comments from netizens

Mr Fan said:

There is no need to care

But don't learn

This spray car lady who wants to make friends

Painting others' vehicles

Suspected of vandalism

I didn't make friends at that time

He turned himself over to the police

Source: Shaanxi urban express (ID: sxdskb001), Hangzhou traffic 918

Original title: Rolls Royce owner's silly eyes: 6 million luxury cars are sprayed with red paint, have a look... Shy?!

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