Does the baby sleep dishonestly? Rolling, kicking, kicking? Three reasons tell you why

China-News - Baby November 22, 2020, 5:38 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

After the beginning of winter, the temperature difference between day and night is getting bigger and bigger, especially at night, but the baby is not honest when he sleeps. He always likes to step on the quilt, and he always sees the baby's naked belly when he gets up in the middle of the night...

But in the middle of the night, we always cover the baby with quilts. Baoma is really sleepy!!!

Is there no way to solve it?

——Answer: of course!

Babies like to kick quilts. Many adults think that it is simply dishonest to sleep. In fact, in many cases, it may be because the quilt is too thick, the baby is not comfortable sleeping, and playing too hi during the day. Come to see why your baby kicks the quilt!

Three reasons for baby kicking quilt

1、 The quilt is too thick and too hot

Many parents are always worried that the baby will catch cold. If you look at the wind outside, you must cover the baby more and cover it tightly to prevent cold!

Because the baby's age is small, the body's temperature regulation ability is weak. In general, the baby's body temperature is higher than that of the adult. With the thick quilt, the baby's body looks like a small fireball. It's hard to kick the quilt~

Don't blindly add thick quilts to your baby. You can judge your baby's temperature by the temperature of your baby's neck and back. If your back is warm, you don't need to add a quilt to your baby~~

2、 Play before you go to bed

Baby playing too high before sleep, on the one hand will cause baby sleep difficulties, on the other hand, the baby's body is particularly noisy after sleep. Turn left, roll right, pedal up and down, the quilt will be kicked out~

Don't play too intense games or watch more intense animation before going to bed. The baby can put a relatively soothing lullaby before going to bed to relax the baby's body and mind.

3、 The rest environment is noisy

When the baby sleeps, if the light is too bright, or the environment is too noisy, it will also appear to sleep restlessly. When the baby sleeps in this kind of environment, cannot enter the deep sleep state, can appear the situation that the left and right roll kicks the quilt.

After the baby is ready to go to bed, the indoor light should not be too bright, turn it into sleep state, and do not walk around the baby, so as to keep the room quiet and facilitate the baby to fall asleep.

Anti kick quilt "artifact"?

Of course, in order to avoid the baby kicking the quilt to catch cold, all kinds of magic tools with baby emerge one after another in the market. As expected, even businesses also know that it is not easy for mothers to bring babies.

Do you use these "magic tools" of anti kicking quilts~~

1、 Baby sleeping bag

It's the same design as the sleeping bag to avoid sleeping. According to the baby's different situation, as well as the temperature change, the sleeping bag style is also varied.

The sleeping bags are thick, thin, half cut, leggings, and no sleeves. It's not too much~

Xiao an would like to remind you Baoma that comfort, safety and warmth are the king when choosing sleeping bags.

2、 Thermal underwear

Compared with the baby's sleeping bag, thermal underwear is a routine operation, but the baby will always lift up the jacket, revealing the small belly, so now many mothers will choose the one-piece thermal clothing, which is just convenient~

Baby warm underwear must choose soft material, after all, baby skin is delicate, intimate clothing should be soft and comfortable!

3、 How to prevent your baby from turning over

Compared with the above clothes and equipment, we have to say that the experience of the older generation is still very useful.

For example, after the baby goes to bed, put two big pillows on both sides of the baby's body, which can not only prevent the baby from turning over and kicking the quilt, but also greatly improve the baby's sense of security, sleep simply not too sweet!

There is also a thin blanket wrapped around the baby's body, hands and feet are not wrapped, cover with a thin quilt, even if the baby kicked off the outside quilt, there is also a layer on the body, no longer need to worry about the baby kicking the quilt in the middle of the night~~


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