The pregnant mother was addicted to TV dramas and named her unborn child "shallow", which was stopped by netizens in time

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In China, the name is a university. A good name will not only sound more pleasant to the ear, but also benefit people for a lifetime. Therefore, after the baby is born, the family will try their best to name it, but there are many "Taboos" in naming. Parents should seriously understand and avoid stepping on thunder.

Tingting quit her job after she got pregnant and concentrated on raising her baby at home. When her pregnancy was boring, she would go after drama at home to pass the time. It happened that "three lives, three generations, ten li peach blossom" was on the air, Tingting is fascinated by the female host "Baiqian" fans, and has the idea of making her baby called "shallow" and excitedly sends the idea to the Internet.

The idea of stopping dim sum in time is different from her. It turns out that Tingting's husband's surname is Fu. "Shallow" sounds good, but it's not good to combine her surname. Netizens comment: "superficial", "pay", "Fu shallow", although different words, but homophonic implication is not good, let the child!

A good name will bring good luck to children. Parents should not arbitrarily choose a name for their children. They can't just take their words and ignore their benefits.

We should carefully consider the meaning of the word and the purpose of life, not only pay attention to the pleasant sound, but also pay attention to these aspects

1. Avoid too complicated words

The phenomenon of name collision in our life is numerous, and the trouble after being hit is increasing, which is a headache. Many parents use rare characters or uncommon and complicated characters when naming their babies. Although the probability of name collision is reduced, there will be troubles in life and learning, such as people's ignorance and computer input difficulties. Parents still make it better to avoid such words.

2. Consider the homophony of words

Many names look good, but they will be strange to read. This is because there are many homonyms in Chinese characters. Although the meaning of the names is good on the surface, they change the taste. Such as "Du Wisteria" and "Shi Zhenxiang", etc., can cause ambiguity in the name itself, which is easy to be called a nickname by others and be ridiculed, which will affect the normal life of children.

3. Avoid the names of saints and celebrities

The names of saints and celebrities have a certain influence, and many parents follow the example of their predecessors in naming their babies. In fact, this may not be a good thing. The image of saints and celebrities can not be surpassed in people's hearts. Naming children after them will bring great pressure and affect their self-confidence. It's better to keep the children's name simple, and don't be too innovative.

4. Don't be too stubborn

The name is the code of a person's life, and "Shunkou" is more "agreeable". Parents should not only take the meaning of a single word and ignore the overall effect. They should combine the surname and not be too obstinate, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to their children's study and life in the future.

What's the meaning of a name for a baby?

1. Make the child's self-confidence increase

Names are widely used in life, and children will use them at the first step. If the name is bad, it will embarrass the child and frustrate his self-confidence. On the contrary, good sounding names are often praised, which makes children more confident and more smooth.

2. Helpful to life

Good names are easy to remember and attract more friends. The child's name is good, it is convenient to use, and will not cause many troubles. When parents name their children, they should give full consideration to the use of the name, and should not be too inclined to their own preferences.

It's very important to choose a name. Parents should not neglect the knowledge. They should choose words carefully and avoid the "minefield" of naming. If necessary, professionals can be invited to choose a good name for the baby.

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