Life winner! Only once in her career, she earned 270 million yuan from NBA. Her wife is beautiful and her heart is good

China-News - Sports November 22, 2020, 5:44 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

It was thought Hayward would carry out his last year's contract with Celtic. After all, he was seriously injured and the free agent market may not be available. As a result, he gave up 34.19 million, which many people thought Hayward would regret. I didn't expect that the face fight came so fast. In a few days, he found a good home. The Hornets signed Hayward with a contract of 120 million yuan in four years, and Jordan once again made a big contribution.

It has to be said that Hayward is really a winner in life. Regardless of the illness he has suffered in recent years, his luck in other aspects is really good enough to explode.

Seven years before his career, he played for the Jazz team. At that time, the team's boss was Deron Williams, but soon, Deron was sent away because of the team's internal strife. Hayward was selected as a new star among the Jazz's young players. If Deron, Millsap and other veteran players did not leave, Hayward would not have such a chance. In the fourth year of his career and the last year of his rookie contract, Hayward made a 16 + 5 + 5 data, which was only a quasi all star level. However, the Hornets offered a contract of 64 million yuan in four years (Jordan again), which was a bit of a premium at that time, because the salary cap did not rise sharply at that time, but the Jazz team still chose to match.

He made his way into the playoffs and continued to play for the Jazz in 1617. This year is also Hayward's contract year, playing such a good performance is just to raise his own value.

Celtic coach Steven Stevens is the mentor of Hayward University. In the process of Hayward signing the green army, Stevens played a very important role. At the same time, the green army is more likely to win the championship. Therefore, Hayward signed a super contract in four years with 120 million yuan. However, after going to the green army, Hayward frequently suffered from injuries. His green army debut was only 5 minutes in a confrontation. He suffered a serious injury to his short leg and spent a whole year recuperating. After the state is also ups and downs, until last season only recovered, once played 20 points per game state, the result is injured was poured cold water.

It is under such circumstances that the Hornets still believe in their own vision. Six years ago, they couldn't get 64 million yuan. Now the price is doubled and they want to sign Hayward. First, the Hornets have huge salary space to fill in the poor line. Second, the small ball Market teams are not attractive. They can't sign bigger players. Third, they still have confidence in Hayward. So far, Hayward's total career salary is as high as 270 million, but he has only been selected once as an all star. Many more powerful players can't compare with him in terms of treatment.

In addition to his wife, ward is very considerate and considerate when he comes out of the family. Life is like this. What do you want? Do you admire Hayward's life?


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