It is revealed that another team in Chinese football will be disbanded: the 25 year old team has participated in the Asian championship

China-News - Sports November 22, 2020, 5:45 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

After several months of competition, the Chinese first League also came to an end. In the final relegation war, Beijing Renhe lost to Jiangxi Liansheng and officially dropped to the second middle. Last season, Beijing people and from the super relegation, at that time, many people thought that they only played a bad season, after a period of rest, they will definitely be able to return to the top league. However, more than a year later, Beijing Renhe not only did not return to the CSL, but also experienced "two consecutive falls". Judging from their performance, the possibility of rising next season is very small. At the same time, Beijing people and club also received a bad news, according to the "people and football news" report: the team's plan to move south to Guangdong went bankrupt, and the 25 year old famous team will face the countdown to disband next!

In the first round of relegation, Renhe lost 1-2 to Jiangxi Liansheng, retaining a glimmer of hope that as long as they can win in the second round, they will have a chance to stay in China. After the start of the second round, Renhe launched a fierce offensive, and soon scored goals, and the situation of relegation was very good. However, the trend of the game did not develop as people and players imagined, and Liansheng quickly relied on a free kick to equalize the score. Since then, people and goal hero Liu Xinyu injured in the fight, the team lost an offensive threat point. In stoppage time, Renhe almost got a penalty, but after watching the video playback, the referee thought the penalty was invalid. In this way, Renhe completely lost the chance to drag the game into overtime, and finally regretted relegation.

After the interview, people and veteran Wan Houliang cried bitterly on the spot, revealing the idea of retiring soon. Wan Houliang said he was very sad. Seeing the team he had played for many years had fallen to this point, he didn't know what to say, but felt that his career should be over. In fact, Renhe's lineup is not particularly weak, in the middle of the level, but in the actual game, their play is not good, and finally step by step to the edge of relegation. Last season, Renhe was still playing in the Chinese Super League. More than a year later, they even fell into the second middle. Such a falling speed is not common in Chinese football, and it also rings an alarm for other teams.

It is understood that the people and the club originally planned to move to the south. There are investors in Guangdong who are interested and hope to be able to take over the team. However, after Renhe was demoted from China a, the mysterious investors in Guangdong also lost interest, and the negotiations between the two sides basically broke down. Due to the influence of the Chinese football environment, a lot of Chinese first-class teams are in serious financial crisis, which are barely maintained at the request of the Football Association. At the beginning of this year, when the global league was suspended, 22 Chinese football teams withdrew from professional football, and the remaining teams were also likely to be disbanded. After the end of this season, there may still be a large number of Chinese first-class teams withdrawing from the professional league, Renhe may be able to get a chance to make up for the Chinese Super League like Shenzhen football team. However, Guangdong investors do not want to wait for the matter to be finalized.

Not long ago, the news about the suicide of a man and a team doctor became very popular. According to the person familiar with the matter, the reason for the doctor's suicide was that the club had been in arrears for a long time, and there were many similar situations within the team. It can be seen that people and clubs are facing a serious financial crisis. If the team falls into the second place, it will aggravate the crisis. It is not impossible to disband the team. Renhe is a strong force in Chinese football. He has been given the opportunity to participate in the Asian Champions League. However, due to poor management and poor performance of the team, it eventually fell to this point, which is really a pity.


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