Behind the "double mark" of Jia Mu, the old lady's hard feelings were hidden

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In a dream of Red Mansions, Mrs. Jia is a very capable old lady. Although she is seventy-eight years old, she is not deaf and blind. She does things with great vigour. She said, "when I was young, I was more than Feng girl." it was not a empty word.

However, the old lady, who has always been popular with readers, even has time to play "double label".

In the middle of the Lantern Festival, Jia Qing's house is on the fourth. During the dinner, Jia's mother saw that there were only a few girls beside Jia Baoyu. She was not satisfied. She said, "how can Xiren not be seen? Now she's a big girl, and she's just asking the little girl out. " Mrs. Wang then said with a smile: "her mother was gone the day before yesterday. Because of her filial piety, it is inconvenient to come ahead."

Unexpectedly, Jia's mother was not happy on the spot. She said, "follow the master, but she can't talk about filial piety and unfiliality. If she still follows me, will she not be here? It's because we have someone who doesn't check it out. It's a case. "

In ancient times, the rules of the rich and noble families were like this. As slaves, they did not have their own personal freedom. Everything should be focused on the master. However, when Jia Baoyu was ready to go back to Yihong hospital, he met a man in Yihong courtyard, which showed his mother's "double standard".

Who is this man? It's Yuanyang, the chief girl around Jia's mother. Why didn't Yuanyang wait on Jia's mother, but ran to Yihong courtyard? It is also because of her mother's death, "because of her filial piety, it is not convenient to come to the front.".

Xiren didn't go out with Jia Baoyu because his mother died of illness, which made Jia's mother very unhappy. Jia's own girl didn't go out with Jia because her mother died, but she allowed her to. As for Yuanyang, Jia's mother didn't care about "following the master, but she couldn't talk about filial piety and unfiliality". This is a "double standard" to the letter!

Why did Jia Mu, who has always been very wise, play "double mark" in public? In fact, there is hidden in this mother Jia's hard feelings. Jia Mu's dissatisfaction with Xiren was actually directed at Mrs. Wang.

Originally, Xiren was the maid of aunt Jia, but Mrs. Wang turned Xiren into her own. Even Xiren's monthly money came from Mrs. Wang's monthly money. Whatever had aunt Zhao and aunt Zhou, there were Xiren. When Mrs. Wang did this, she also specifically told Xiren, "you don't have to go back to Jia Mu. This is obviously taking the old lady as a puppet!

However, Jia's mother, after all, is a rich and noble woman. She can't really quarrel with her daughter-in-law because of a girl. Therefore, Jia's mother can only pretend to be confused and suffer a dumb loss. However, Mrs. Wang's dissatisfaction had been hidden in her heart and could not speak out. At this time, taking advantage of this opportunity, people said that Xiren "took a big deal", which implied that Mrs. Wang would promote Xiren to Jia Baoyu's "aunt to be". Otherwise, a girl, what good "take big"?

Therefore, on the surface, Jia's mother is playing double signs and blaming Xiren, but in fact, she is expressing her dissatisfaction with Mrs. Wang. This daughter-in-law, let Jia's mother suffer from dumb, this matter also became Jia's mother-in-law can't say.


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