National nucleic acid test in Manzhouli, school closed

China-News - Politics November 22, 2020, 5:47 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

On the evening of the 21st, Inner Mongolia Manzhouli City issued a notice, the city in the "should be tested" personnel nucleic acid detection process, found 2 cases of new coronavirus nucleic acid detection positive patients, after expert group consultation, confirmed as new coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases.

At present, the epidemiological investigation of 2 confirmed cases has been fully started, and the residential area has been closed under control. Next, the nucleic acid detection for all staff will be organized in an orderly manner. In order to effectively curb the spread of the epidemic and ensure the people's life safety and health, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

1、 Recently, large-scale gathering activities such as dinners and banquets are strictly prohibited. Public places for activities shall be closed; places that need to be operated for the protection of citizens' daily production and life shall be strictly managed. Schools, kindergartens and training institutions suspended teaching activities.

2、 The residents of the community should cooperate with the social control department to control the community and public places to reduce unnecessary going out; the public security department has carried out necessary control on the road, so please actively cooperate with the personnel of Manza and reduce the flow of personnel between the two places.

3、 It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of personal protection, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, keep social distance and develop good hygiene habits. In case of fever and other discomfort symptoms, take protective measures and go to the fever clinic of designated medical institutions as soon as possible.

4 Nucleic acid testing will be carried out for all relevant departments The general public is requested to carry out the work in an orderly manner under the organization of their respective communities and units.

5、 The public security organs will crack down on illegal acts such as price hikes.

6、 For the latest information about the epidemic situation, please pay attention to the official media in a timely manner and do not spread rumors, believe in rumors and spread rumors.

Before that, Zhouli passenger station posted a notice on its microblog that it had stopped handling business since November 21. If the train stops operation, passengers who have purchased tickets can go to the ticket window to handle relevant business.

In addition, on the evening of the 21st, the official micro blog of Inner Mongolia airport announced that all "via call" transfer business of Manzhouli airport was suspended, and the specific recovery time will be further informed.


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