When frying sugar color, sugar must not be directly put into the oil pan! The meat is hard and hard to eat

China-News - China Food November 23, 2020, 5:34 pm Wang Ying's avatar Wang Ying

Fried sugar color is a link we often use in cooking, especially in braised pork. Generally, when making braised pork, the sugar color must be fried well. Only in this way can we ensure that each piece of streaky pork is bright, red and tender, and it seems to make people have a special appetite. The meat quality is naturally fragrant and q-ball, and it is not greasy to eat. However, although the color of fried sugar looks simple, it is nothing more than frying white sugar in the oil pan, but in fact, it is not easy to make it.

I believe that many people do not pass the test when frying sugar color. They are not good at selling and dark, but the meat is bitter and firewood. The taste is very common. In fact, it is necessary to master certain skills to fry sugar color. It is wrong to fry in the oil pan directly. It is no wonder that the pork is bitter, hard and hard to eat. Let's take a look at how Yang Zai does it!

Braised pork with honey sauce

1. First of all, we will just buy pork washed clean, then cut into pieces, boiled in cold water pot, remember to throw a few pieces of ginger into the water, and then add a little salt, make it slowly heated, until the pot boiling, skim the surface with a spoon, and then take out the meat, put it in cold water too cold.

2. Add oil to the pan. When the oil temperature rises to six degrees, pour the pork into the pot, stir fry it a little, control the oil for a while, then put the appropriate amount of rock sugar into the pot, stir fry slowly over low heat, until the rock sugar is completely melted, add a little water to the pot, and then boil it over high heat.

3. After boiling the water over a high fire and making a lot of small bubbles, we use low heat to cook slowly. When we see that there is only one-third of the original soup, we can add soy sauce, soy sauce and salt to seasoning. Stir fry evenly. Finally, sprinkle a handful of scallion flowers and you can put it out of the pot!


In fact, it is correct to stir fry the sugar color with the meat, so that the braised pork can be softer, rotten and tasty.


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