Turkish soldiers were attacked again, military vehicles were destroyed and all five soldiers were killed

China-News - Military November 23, 2020, 5:42 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

There is a saying that "if you walk along the river, there is no wet shoes". In recent years, Turkey has been expanding rapidly. Turkish soldiers frequently carry out combat missions abroad. Recently, they have been attacked again, which not only lost a lot of weapons and equipment, but also caused serious casualties.

According to the report of pentapostagma website of Greece on November 22, a video of the attack on the Turkish army spread wildly on the Internet. The video shows that a military vehicle carrying five Turkish soldiers was violently attacked by Kurds when it entered the Afrin area. Not only was the military vehicle completely destroyed, but also all five Turkish soldiers were killed. According to the report, the attack occurred on November 18, and just the day before, a group of Turkish soldiers were attacked by the Kurds, and the losses were as great as possible. In order to cover up the failure, Turkey even concealed the news.

On November 17, according to a report on the Greek website pentapostagma, in order to further crack down on the Kurds in Syria, an elite Turkish commando team was sent to the kelabedu area in northern Syria to carry out a sweeping mission. However, the whereabouts of this force have been controlled by the local Kurds from the beginning. The Kurdish armed forces laid an ambush in the Kaila bedu area, and "prepared for the ambush" before the arrival of the Turkish commandos. After the unknowingly Turkish army entered the ambush circle, the Kurds immediately launched a fierce attack on all sides, causing heavy casualties of the Turkish army.

According to the report, at least nine Turkish soldiers were killed and "many others were wounded" in the battle, and the Kurdish armed forces were able to achieve such good results mainly because of two reasons. On the one hand, the ambush deployment of the Kurdish armed forces was "very well done", and even the soldiers of the Turkish commandos who had been fighting for many years were "not aware of it at all". Therefore, in this battle, the Kurdish armed forces took the Turkish army by surprise. On the other hand, it is also the Kurdish armed forces that "have acquired a lot of new equipment" and "have the ability to cause a large number of casualties to the Turkish army".

Ankara has kept a tight blockade on the news of the Kurds' heavy damage to the Turkish army and refused to comment on the incident. "At present, only the families of the soldiers who died in battle know the relevant information". The Turkish official "has refused to make an official announcement". Obviously, Turkey believes that this is a complete and humiliating failure, so it refuses to recognize it, so as not to affect the morale of the army. At the same time, despite the disastrous defeat in the ground operations, the Turkish side still very strongly declared that the military action against the Kurds was "as usual", and that more large-scale raids and reprisals might come soon.

In contrast, the news center of the Kurdish army publicized it and issued a statement to the outside world, "informing the outside world of the tragic defeat of the Turkish army.". In addition, after the successful attack on the Turkish army in the Afrin area, resulting in the death of five of its soldiers, the Kurdish armed forces also said in the video that "the struggle is still continuing" and will continue to fight against the Turks, showing the posture of "needle to wheat". According to reports, the fighting between Turkey and the Kurds has recently escalated. In fact, just before these two rounds of attacks, the two forces have repeatedly engaged in fierce exchanges of fire.

According to an Iranian news agency report on October 26, a large-scale exchange of fire between the US supported Kurdistan democratic army and the Turkish army occurred in northern Syria. A motorcycle carrying high explosives broke into the camp of Turkish affiliated armed forces, killing more than 10 people on the spot. After the attack, Turkey also sent a large number of warplanes to bomb the second brigade of the Kurdish Democratic army stationed in Aleppo province. Earlier, according to a report on the Greek website pentapostagma on September 7, Kurdish military groups said that Kurdish armed forces had successfully attacked a Turkish army convoy in khakari province.

Reported that in the attack, a Turkish military vehicle was destroyed, seven soldiers were killed by the Kurds, and another soldier was injured. A day earlier, according to a report by the Middle East television station and the Turkish "Star" on September 6, the Turkish troops deployed in Idlib Province in the north-west of Syria also suffered two rounds of attacks. At least three Turkish soldiers were killed in the attack, and one of them died on the way to medical treatment. The Kurds are the fourth largest ethnic group in the Middle East and the largest separatist force in Turkey. They are regarded as "thorn in the eye and thorn in the flesh" by Turkey, and they will want to put them to death.

However, the Kurds are now embracing the thighs of the United States. They have not only obtained a large number of advanced weapons and equipment from the U.S. military, but also trained with the U.S. military, and their tactical level has continued to improve. The ambush of Turkish troops on many occasions is a very obvious evidence. What's more, the US military's intelligence work is commendable. The Kurds, supported by the US military intelligence, have repeatedly and successfully damaged the Turkish army. In fact, it is no surprise that Turkey has "suffered a lot" in the process of "mopping up" the Kurds.


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