More than 1000 Hanfu enthusiasts celebrate the "Hanfu Festival". The Hanfu street in Wenshufang is open around the Spring Festival

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Hanfu tour, poetry conference, Guofeng Music Association, Guochao Music Association On November 22, Wenshu square in Chengdu "passed through"! More than 1000 Hanfu enthusiasts are here to celebrate the 2020 "cultural Tianfu fashion Chengdu" theme forum and Hanfu Culture Festival, and show the charm of Chengdu as the "No.1 city of Hanfu" by means of forum, flash, cruise and big show.

More than 1000 Hanfu enthusiasts celebrate "Hanfu Festival"

At 2:00 p.m. on the 22nd, Ms. Li, dressed in Hanfu and exquisite make-up, arrived at Manjusri square with a bunch of hawthorn fruits. According to the arrangement, they will gather in baiyun temple street with their "colleagues" and hold a grand tour. "Hawthorn fruit is the" standard match "of our square array, which matches the weather today According to Ms. Li, there are about 100 people in the square array where she works. Everyone comes from all directions of Chengdu to celebrate the "Hanfu Festival".

The Three Kingdoms, Han Guang iron clothes, Tang girls, Daming teenagers, as well as international friends who like Chinese clothing culture, this tour is grand in scale. Each square array has its own characteristics. Some of them are equipped with hawthorn fruit as standard, others are used to focus on flowers, which is very attractive. According to Shi Qian, head of Sichuan Hanfu industry alliance, there were 14 Hanfu parades on that day, with more than 1000 people participating in the grand tour in Wenshufang.

Many cultural and creative businesses and institutions in Wenshu square also participated. Poetry conference, Guofeng Music Association, Guochao Music Association, tea friends gathering, Qin Youya gathering, tongpao drama day, Guofeng intangible cultural heritage experience, Han costume makeup experience The on-site activities bring a brand-new spiritual experience to the Hanfu circle and tourists.

It is reported that around 7 p.m., the year-end special VIP show of "Jincheng Shili Hanfu reward" will also be staged in Wenshu square. Hanfu big V and Chengdu Hanfu fans will present wonderful performances such as fast flash and walk show of popular Hanfu dance on the Internet.

Hanfu street opens around the Spring Festival in 2021

Taking the second phase construction of Manjusri square as an opportunity, this activity officially opened the prelude to the construction of the demonstration project of "striving for the city by competition and camp by competition" in Chengdu with the goal of "displaying Chinese civilization, Tianfu culture and Chengdu charm".

At the annual forum of Sichuan Hanfu industry, Chengdu Chengtou Group officially released the planning of "Hanfu characteristic street", one of the characteristic projects of Wenshufang. Wenshufang Hanfu Street will be opened to the public around the Spring Festival in 2021. It will be the first one in China to integrate "R & D, design, display, sales, leasing, makeup and experience".

At the same time, the planning of Wenshufang phase II project has also been released, which will be divided into two areas, East and West. Among them, the eastern area covers an area of 27.87 mu, which is planned to open before the 2021 Universiade. The western area covers an area of 60 mu, and will start construction after the Universiade, and strive to complete the overall development of the project by the end of 2022.

Wenshufang phase II key cultural project - "from west to East" large live performance project signed on the same day, officially launched the script seminar. The show, with the theme of "commercial road promoting civilization and music integrating soul", is expected to be premiered at the Miaoyuan theater of Manjusri square phase II during next year's Universiade.

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