Every other line is like a mountain! The first show of the new song moonlight by Qin Xiaoxian of Deyun society is plain and unsatisfactory

China-News - Pet November 24, 2020, 5:37 pm Ling Zhen's avatar Ling Zhen

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As a saying goes, every line is like a mountain, which means that different industries are like a mountain apart. The difference is very big. In Guo Degang's words, don't use your hobbies to challenge other people's ability to eat. You must be in awe of other industries. On November 21, Qin Xiaoxian, the popular actor of Deyunshe, brought his first song "Moonlight" to the first show, which reinterpreted this sentence.

Since Zhang Yunlei of Deyunshe became popular in the music industry, the actors of Deyunshe seem to want to imitate it and share a share of the music industry. According to incomplete statistics, after Zhang Yunlei, Deyunshe has made many singles. Shaobing, Zhang Jiuling, Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue, Wang Xiaoge and Guo Qilin have all made their own singles. Maybe everyone thinks that it's all about cross talk. Zhang Yunlei can do it, and he can.

In Qin Xiaoxian's debut show, Qin Xiaoxian's performance was mediocre. The whole song Qin Xiaoxian was singing with his voice. It can be said that he had no singing skills. The rhythm of the whole song is too gentle, there is no bright spot that can be remembered. It basically continues the style of Qin Xiaoxian's cover song "slow voice". If you judge according to the singer's standard, Lao Qin's performance can only be said to be unsatisfactory.

As a result, Qin Xiaoxian has not practiced the basic skills of crosstalk, and wants to run to sing. All he wants is to get nothing. Maybe it was because the first performance was a little nervous. Qin Xiaoxian's voice could be heard shaking, and the whole person couldn't relax. Of course, we also understand Qin Xiaoxian. After all, his stage experience is too little, and singing is a sideline. This kind of performance is not bad.

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